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Attorneys, Legal Firms Embrace FlexPrint Managed Print Services

IT support comes in numerous flavors. Each vertical market, after all, requires a different set of services and solutions. Products and programs that work well for an accounting firm, can be the absolute wrong solution for an architecture company.

As we mentioned previously, once an IT services firm gains some traction in a specific vertical, it becomes really easy for them to specialize in that vertical. The provider is able to learn best practices through dealing with the same types of clientele on a regular basis, and the MSP emerges as an ideal choice for that vertical over time.

The that trend is starting to repeat itself for managed print services (MPS) providers. For example, FlexPrint Managed Print Solutions has specialized in the legal vertical for quite some time.

The company's services support 25 of the 2017 Am Law 200 firms, eight of which ranked within the AM Law 100, FlexPrint says. The annual Am Law 200 list, from The American Lawyer, identifies and tracks the top legal firms across America. FlexPrint's services for legal firms include effective document management and output management.

Breaking Through in a Vertical: How?

In order to break into a vertical, IT services providers should get involved in the peer groups and associations. FlexPrint, for instance, has been a proud Gold Member with the International Legal Technology Association(ILTA) for many years. Not by coincidence, the ILTACON 2017 conference is this week in Las Vegas.

Being a member of a respected association within the vertical not only helps members of that association find your company, but it also will lend trust and credibility to your company.

Referrals within the vertical can boost your customer base. One popular strategy for winning new business: Give your existing vertical market customers a monthly discount when they refer peer organizations to your business.

Also, pursue certifications specific to the industry or products to show that you know the industry well. For managed print services, logical move can involve certifications with print manufacturers like the new Xerox Accreditation program. Showing potential clients that your company is knowledgeable in the services and products that the vertical uses can set a company apart from the others the business is considering.