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CompuCom Touts Self Healing Technology Services For Healthcare

A human immune system can be an amazing utility, solving problems before you even start showing symptoms of an ailment. What if technology had a similar immune system that would find and remedy problems before the user even notices there is a problem?

Office Depot's CompuCom is trying to create an immune system specifically for the healthcare market. The effort is called Self Healing Healthcare. The platform, an automated service for clinics and hospitals, monitors, detects, diagnoses and resolves device performance issues without the need for end-user intervention, CompuCom asserts.

The effort involves four key components.

1. Automatic Resolution

The first wave involves finding and fixing problems with zero user intervention. The company claims Self Healing Technology can automatically resolve 400+ types of issues involving everything from PCs to Point of Sale (POS) systems, thin clients, printers, peripherals and more.

It will be interesting to see how the software is able to address these issues automatically, as there are often several troubleshooting steps to take to discover what is actually wrong with a machine when a tech is resolving them. However, with deep understanding of the internal logs, AI technology could discover the root cause of the issue faster than a human could.

2. Ticket Generation

When the Self Healing Technology encounters an issue that it can't result, the system generates a ticket into a PSA (professional service automation) system without any user interaction. The user may not even be aware of the issue that could potentially bring their device down. This allows techs to be proactive about resolving these issues before they become a bigger problem. The new technology initially integrates with service desk platforms like ServiceNow, Amdocs, HP Service Manager, and more.

3. Self-Service Help

The platform also includes some self-service help options. This feature allows users to attempt to resolve an issue themselves with the use of knowledge base articles and other utilities like frequently asked questions. Many users will try to find the answer to their problem themselves, which can free up technician time to focus on more pressing tasks.

4. Contact Support

Finally, if the device and user have already tried all of the above, the last line of defense is to manually contact support. The Self Healing Technology also offers a quick and easy way to contact support for more traditional methods of troubleshooting.

Some Key Self Healing Healthcare features include:

  • Real-time and automatic issue resolution
  • Automated incident management
  • Lightweight SaaS-based service with offline availability and seamless ITSM Service Desk integration.
  • Analytical insights on machine health with multi-platform support for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome devices.
  • Self-service app for end users to quickly investigate issues, request support or perform self-help for service requests.

Self Healing agents can be placed on a number of different platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chrome. The technology is currently priced per device, per month, or you can choose to buy a license.

While the platform is currently limited to the healthcare market, I can see them branching out very quickly to other markets with POS terminals like restaurants.