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Commvault’s New Head Of Worldwide Partnerships Discusses His New Role

Owen Taraniuk
Owen Taraniuk

Owen Taraniuk is excited about his new position at Commvault. The former vice president of Asia Pacific for the company has been named the new head of worldwide partnerships and market development. Taraniuk has worked for Commvault - the global provider of enterprise backup, recovery, archive, and cloud solutions - since October 2015.

“We made a lot of changes to that business around making it more partner-centric,” he tells ChannelE2E. “But also galvanizing the team, bringing on a lot of new leadership, and, more importantly, quite rapidly growing the business in that region with the help of our partners and alliances.”

Additionally, he brings 25 years of experience within the industry, including leadership roles at EMC where he ran the Asia-Pacific and Japan software business. He’ll be using his experience to help create execute the company’s go-to-market strategy, he says. That includes expanding the support the company offers to its current routes to market -- VARs, distributors, service providers, and other alliances; and expanding the number and types of global partnerships.

“The role I’ve assumed now is to lead that expanded function and the investment that’s going into that, the building out of the models, and also an element of market strategy and development that goes with that,” he tells ChannelE2E.

Taraniuk's new role comes at a key time. Commvault’s latest quarterly earnings were ever-so-slightly slightly below Wall Street’s expectations, according to SeekingAlpha. To be clear: The company continues to grow -- total revenues for the third quarter of fiscal 2018 were $180.4 million, up 8 percent year-over-year. But Wall Street wants even faster growth.


Taraniuk can’t get too specific about the changes he’s planning for the company, but says the company will be offering increased quality and experience, more offerings, more simplicity, and access to more market opportunity. “We really want to scale the amount of support that get and the type of support they getting around the offerings,” he says.

Indeed, Commvault will be exploring a number of different avenues to get to market. That includes a birds-eye look of the various regions the company operates in, down to the local level. “I think you’ll see a lot of stories about the new partners we bring on board. Some of them will be worldwide global alliances, others highly localized for local market opportunity,” he says.

But he will be equally drawing on Commvault’s history as the company moves forward. He believes that coming from a pure data protection background gives the company a strong core competency to draw from and then is applicable to the current market trajectory.

“There’s a lot of technology and data management challenges that customers are having globally and those are only increasing with the amount of data and the amount of options that they have under management,” he says “So, that’s an area that we’re looking to capitalize upon and increase our reach for global growth.”

Pursuing Growth

For now, the key word is growth. Taraniuk plans to continue focusing on Commvault’s core strengths and build from there, leveraging and working with the variety of the company’s partnerships.

“I love Commvault as a company, the culture, the people.I love the relationships that we’ve built. We go back so many years with some organizations. So that’s a great place to be in as an environment,” he says. “I think the opportunity, the scale of the opportunity, and being a part of helping us address that is very exciting to me.”