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Accenture Acquires SolutionsIQ for Agile Software, Business Transformations

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Agile methodology is becoming much more than just a software development strategy. Businesses are implementing Agile values and principles across entire organizations to help bring products to market faster, provide improved customer service, and create a more flexible and efficient culture. However, it can be difficult to change the processes and mindset of an entire business. That is when companies like SolutionsIQ are called in to assist with the Agile Transformation.

When creating a development project with Agile methodology, the larger task (getting the software to market) is broken down into smaller, easier to manage, tasks called stories. These smaller tasks have a shorter time frame to be accomplished than the larger fully developed software, usually two weeks. The tasks are prioritized, and the company is able to gain feedback on various features along the way as each feature is released.

SolutionsIQ's Agile Market Focus

SolutionsIQ has been offering an Agile Transformation Solution for businesses, which is an integrated approach that combines Agile values and principles, scaling patterns and change management methods to deliver sustainable business results across the organization.

These transformations typically include improvements in delivery effectiveness, shortened cycle times, and heightened responsiveness to change. SolutionsIQ would work with a business and produce the roadmap, develop the leadership capability and facilitate the organizational change needed to promote a culture of learning, innovation and continuous improvement throughout the organization.

SolutionsIQ also offers training for businesses. As employees are officially trained and certified in Agile, they can be leaders in the company to assist with an Agile transformation, and help the teams at the company collaborate more effectively, SolutionsIQ claims.

Accenture Acquires SolutionsIQ for Agile Push

Amid those market realities, Accenture has acquired SolutionsIQ to bolster its portfolio of services ranging from business strategy to day to day operations, the two companies have confirmed. Accenture has set aside $1 billion for acquisitions this year. Recent acquisitions include VeriSign's iDefense Security Services as part of its cybersecurity solutions, SaaS and cloud consulting providers like DayNineCRMWaypoint, and much more.

Accenture's services are broken down in the following areas

  • Accenture Strategy - Develop business, technology, and operations strategies for businesses to implement
  • Accenture Consulting - Designs and implements transforming business solutions through industry-related insights and knowledge
  • Accenture Digital - Help companies with digital marketing and product creation
  • Accenture Technology - Assists companies with technology integrations
  • Accenture Operations - Implements efficient and flexible processes to allow companies to scale and improve profitability

Armed with that M&A war chest, it's a safe bet Accenture will make more acquisitions across each of those focus areas this year.