Posts by Zix AppRiver

Growing Your MSP Through Acquisition

If you’re an MSP owner considering making an acquisition, here’s what to consider before writing that letter of intent.

Growing Your Company by Focusing Your Client Scope

How to find the ideal, high-margin end-customer focus for your MSP business. Plus: Tips to transition away from low-margin IT support customers.

What Should MSPs Offer For Free? (Part II)

It’s tempting for MSPs to offer price discounts. But it’s wiser to promote these free offers instead, according to AppRiver’s Corey Bloes.

Is It Ever Okay to Work for ‘Free?’ (Part I)

MSPs should consider these variables before offering discounts, free offers and other perks to new and/or existing customers, Zix AppRiver says.

The Unplanned Business Exit

While most MSP owners don’t want to think about how they will exit, it’s important to plan for when and how you will leave your business.

Planning Your Business Exit

Want to sell your MSP business at the highest valuation possible? Focus on predictable revenue, profits & liquid cash, AppRiver’s Kayla Sanderson asserts.

Customer Evolution and the ‘New Normal’

Customers are no longer willing to tolerate ‘COVID-19’ as an excuse, and they will soon begin voting with their dollars, unless you evolve.

The Land and Expand Playbook: MSP Growth Starts With Saying Yes

A Land-and-Expand strategy can turn a small existing contract into a large, lucrative deal and open the door for MSP growth.

How to Sell Managed Services Agreements: MSP Tip Sheet

How to transform from VAR to MSP; transition customers to managed services agreements; and drive your MSP’s monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

How to Prepare for Slow Quarters

If your IT company has experienced “slow” quarters then check your data. Here’s how to spot & close sales & marketing activity gaps, and boost monthly recurring revenue (MRR).