Posts by Zix AppRiver

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience: 10 Things You Should Know

Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience is expanding to include M365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365 and Power Platform. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Your MSP Needs to Add Backup Services and How to Choose a Vendor

Five reasons MSPs should offer backup & disaster recovery (BDR), and 10 factors for MSPs to consider in choosing a cloud backup service provider.

Phishing Attacks and DocuSign: What MSPs Can Learn From LOTL Tactics

Zix|AppRiver explains how digital attackers launched a phishing campaign in which they abused DocuSign to steal victims’ email account credentials.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program: What MSPs Need to Know

How to navigate the Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) for CSP licensing & monthly subscription options. Zix’s advice for MSP partners.

When Marketing Makes Sense

Understanding marketing’s value and investing in a proper marketing strategy for your company will help you continue to accelerate growth. 

Plan the Work. Work the Plan. The Plan Will Work

Create a five-year strategic plan to overcome challenges as your MSP grows. Zix AppRiver’s Justin Gilbert explains how to proceed.

Growing Your MSP Through Acquisition

If you’re an MSP owner considering making an acquisition, here’s what to consider before writing that letter of intent.

Growing Your Company by Focusing Your Client Scope

How to find the ideal, high-margin end-customer focus for your MSP business. Plus: Tips to transition away from low-margin IT support customers.

What Should MSPs Offer For Free? (Part II)

It’s tempting for MSPs to offer price discounts. But it’s wiser to promote these free offers instead, according to AppRiver’s Corey Bloes.

Is It Ever Okay to Work for ‘Free?’ (Part I)

MSPs should consider these variables before offering discounts, free offers and other perks to new and/or existing customers, Zix AppRiver says.