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Posts by Sophos Guest Blog

InfoSec 2017: How to Protect Yourself Against the Next WannaCry

Sophos analyzes the WannaCry outbreak and turns lessons into ironclad defenses. Here’s how to protect against the next WannaCry malware.

Google Won’t Fix Android ‘contentjacking’ Flaw for Months

For corporate management of mobile devices, it’s worth considering some sort of centralized mobile control software. Sophos explains.

What Is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is the act of manipulating people into taking an action for an attacker’s benefit. It’s the work of a con artist. Sophos explains more.

U.S. Infrastructure At ‘Red Alert’ for Hacking, Sophos Warns

Sophos Global Head of Security Research James Lyne describes ransomware and hacker threats on NBC’s Today Show. Here are highlights.

RSA Conference 2017: How Hackers and Rogue States Use Exploits to Bypass Security

How nation-state attackers craft their attack code to evade security products, according to Mark Loman of Sophos. An RSA Conference 2017 preview.

Not All Ransomware Tools Are Created Equally

In case you hadn’t heard, ransomware is big, big business. In 2016 alone, ransomware payouts are closing in on the billion-dollar mark, with a whopping 70% of companies reporting that they paid to have their maliciously-encrypted data liberated after being hit. We’re not talking chump-change, either. For many businesses, these payments can and do routinely […]

How to Ensure You’re Not Part of the Next Botnet

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds a great deal of promise to make everyday devices much easier to use, control, program, and access remotely. From “smart” home thermostats and refrigerators to lights and automobiles, there’s remarkable potential to make our lives easier — but there’s also untold risk that these devices can bring to our […]

Detect, Prevent and Remediate Ransomware

To battle ransomware, MSPs need signatureless threat & exploit detection with root cause analysis & roll back capabilities. Sophos VP Scott Barlow explains.

What Is An… Exploit?

An exploit is a way of abusing a software bug to bypass one or more security protections that are in place. Sophos explains how to mitigate exploits.

Sophos Intercept X: A New Approach to Endpoint Security

Sophos Intercept X has ransomware-killing and advanced anti-exploit technology. It blocks zero-day and patient-zero threats without traditional file scanning or signature updates.