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Today’s Threat Landscape Requires an Adaptive and Open Cybersecurity Ecosystem

An open security architecture can help MSPs to optimize threat prevention, detection and response, according to security company Sophos.

Public Cloud Security: Managing the Complex Public Cloud

MSPs need to offer detection, response & continuous monitoring of public cloud infrastructure configurations, cybersecurity company Sophos asserts.

Public Cloud Security: Minimizing the Risk of Misconfigurations

Cloud misconfigurations can leave cloud data open to cybercriminals. Here’s how partners can shut down these accidental exposures.

Don’t Be Ransomware’s Next Victim

To mitigate ransomware threats & attacks, MSPs & channel partners should take these six steps, security technology provider Sophos advises.

Public Cloud Security: What to Know About Shared Responsibility Models

Default cloud security can only go so far. Channel partners must fill the gaps, using the right tools to effectively manage & mitigate risks.

Defending Against Hafnium: How Channel Partners Can Help

Patch on-premises Exchange servers & take these four steps to protect customers from Hafnium cyberattacks, Sophos says.

How Channel Partners Can Simplify Supply Chain Security

How can MSPs & channel partners boost supply chain security? Assess security posture & take these risk mitigation steps, according to Sophos.

Returning to Work With Zero-Trust Security

Zero trust can mitigate threats, but implementing a zero trust architecture involves some challenges. Sophos describes practical first steps for partners.

K-12 Schools Face Perfect Cyberattack Storm

Five ways channel partners can protect schools (particularly K-12 education institutions) from cyberattacks and hackers, according to Sophos.

Battling Conti “Double Extortion” Ransomware: Best Practices for Channel Partners

Ransomware attackers, like those behind Conti, threaten to expose data in addition to typical data encryption. Here’s how to fight back, Sophos says.