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NinjaRMM develops a security-centric remote monitoring and management platform, designed to simplify the complex work day of MSPs and Solution Providers. Guest blogs from the NinjaRMM team provide business, sales and technology guidance to MSPs.

2019 Predictions: The Impact of Security on an MSP’s Business

Amid a shift in cybersecurity threats, hacker attacks now target managed services providers (MSPs). Here’s how MSPs need to respond in 2019.

Ryuk Ransomware Represents Dangerous Shift Toward Coordinated Attacks

A rise in coordinated ransomware attacks represents a major new threat for MSPs and their clients in 2019. Here’s what you need to know, NinjaRMM says.

MSP Patch Management Process: Best Practices for 2019

How MSPs can make their patch management process more efficient, eliminate disruption, and keep their clients secure.

SMB Cybersecurity: A Big MSP Service Opportunity for 2019

This rise in attacks in 2018, mixed with the SMB’s inability to prevent, detect, protect, and react to threats provides MSPs with a service opportunity to generate more revenue as we move into 2019.

MSP Sales Guide: 5 Steps to Finding (and Selling to) Involuntary IT Managers

Savvy MSPs target employees who get stuck with extra IT duties – since 66% of these folks are open to paying for outside technology help. NinjaRMM explains how.

Why Savvy MSP Salespeople Target “Involuntary IT Managers”

If you want to sell managed services, your ideal customer contact is an employee who got stuck with extra IT management duties. NinjaRMM explains why.

Software Patching Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them

Though reputable vendors typically offer free, automated patching for outdated software, the process can sometimes break down or cause software to malfunction. NinjaRMM explains.

road ahead journey

Memo to MSPs: Study Software Company Life Cycles

Neither very young nor old software companies can offer a competitive MSP product at a fair price, NinjaRMM asserts. Here’s the thesis explained.

Customer People

Supporting Users and the Human Side of Being an MSP

An MSP’s goal for every helpdesk ticket isn’t just to fix the issue and close the ticket. Instead, MSPs must deliver a pleasant customer experience (CX) throughout the “problem lifecycle”. NinjaRMM explains how.