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The Next ‘BIG Thing’: Private Equity May ‘Double Down’ on MSPs

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Why does FOCUS Investment Banking’s Abe Garver believe growth in private equity-backed MSP Platforms may accelerate? Here is Garver’s thesis.

Private Equity: Here’s How to Find the Best Cloud Service Provider M&A Targets

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FOCUS Investment Banking’s Technology Services Team scored the top cloud service provider (CSP) M&A targets for private equity investors.

Opinion: Why Your MSP’s Valuation May Stand Up to Higher Interest Rates​

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Despite economic headwinds, Focus Investment Banking’s Abe Garver believes MSP valuations will remain strong. Here’s why.

Best MSP M&A Targets for Private Equity: The Data-Driven Clues

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Which MSPs are well positioned for private equity engagements? FOCUS Investment Banking’s proprietary algorithm provides answers.

Accelerating the Path to Managed Cybersecurity with M&A

Developing a robust managed security offering through M&A is a natural way for an MSP to respond to cybersecurity challenges. Here’s how.

Three Ways MSPs Can Top the Inc. 5000 List

FOCUS Investment Banking shares secrets for MSP success with example M&A deals involving leading managed IT services providers.

Our Top Prediction for MSP M&A: It’s a Platform Grab Right Now

Large MSP platforms & their PE sponsors should seek similar-sized MSP platforms to accelerate exits at higher valuations, FOCUS Investment Banking asserts.

Private Equity 101 for MSPs: Part 2 – Add-On Managed Services Acquisitions

Everything MSPs need to know about private equity — addressing add-ons. Timely guidance from FOCUS Investment Banking.

Private Equity 101 for MSPs: Part 1 – New Platforms Explained

Everything MSPs need to know about private equity — beginning with new platform investments. Timely guidance from FOCUS Investment Banking.

M&A Opportunities for Managed Service Providers: Part 2

There are M&A opportunities for MSPs looking to expand their menu of services, increase market share and diversify revenue streams.