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Managing Risk as an IT Services Provider

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Amid shifting cyber threats and compliance mandates, MSPs must get their houses in order. Egnyte explains how.

Data Privacy Laws and Their Impact on Your Clients’ Business

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Data privacy laws are proliferating rapidly. Egnyte offers tips for MSPs to keep up with all the new and rapidly evolving regulations.

Fiduciary Responsibility and the MSP

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With new cybersecurity risks and legislation around data privacy, Egnyte explains the level of responsibility clients expect MSPs to bear.

5 Tips for Better Data Security in Microsoft 365

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Egnyte catches up with SharePlicity CEO Liam Cleary, a Microsoft MVP, and gathers this guidance on proper Microsoft 365 security for MSPs.

5 Reasons to Use Links Vs. Attachments for File Sharing

In addition to simplicity & convenience, file links improve security & compliance for MSPs & the customers they serve, Egnyte asserts.

Applying the Membership Economy to Managed Services

MSPs that offer freemium models can build affinity until the point where you convert potential customers into paying members. Egnyte’s Eric Anthony explains how.

5 Things Every MSP Should Know About Data Governance

MSPs need to navigate data governance, security and privacy mandates. Here’s how multi-tenant content management systems can help.

Are MSPs Treating Clients like Customers, Subscribers or Members?

Here’s how MSPs can create engagements and incentives that build and encourage customer relationships, according to Egnyte.

Why Are We Still Using VPNs in 2022?

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It’s time for MSPs to scrap the VPN, build redundancy & free customers from their main office infrastructure. Egnyte’s Eric Anthony explains why.

Setting Expectations to Reduce Risk and Increase Satisfaction

Here’s how MSPs can set customer expectations based on Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), help desk interactions & more, according to Egnyte’s Eric Anthony.