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5 Truths About Integrating Perimeter and Internal Defenses

IDC revealed five realities that may or may not surprise you when it comes to integrating perimeter and internal defenses.

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How to Drive a Successful Tech Refresh to Improve Security

Cisco Systems explores the key components of a technology refresh, how it improves security and best practices for making it happen.

Five Ways NDR Supports the Executive Order on Cybersecurity

How does Network Detection and Response (NDR) align with President Biden’s executive order on cybersecurity? Cisco Systems offers context.

Zero Trust Requires An Open Security Ecosystem with Shared Signals

It’s time for a standard that drastically simplifies communication between applications with security context, Cisco Systems explains.

Diversity Matters in Cybersecurity

How can the cybersecurity industry close the talent gap & mitigate risk? The answer involves diversity & inclusion, according to Cisco SVP Shailaja Shankar.

XaaS and Managed Services: The Synergies for MSPs Explained

Customers want services-led, consumption-driven & cloud-enabled solutions that accelerate business outcomes. Here’s how MSPs can fulfill those needs, according to Cisco.

The New Trust Standard: What MSPs and Channel Partners Need to Know

Effectively managing risk calls for a new era of trust, transparency, accountability, social responsibility, resiliency and privacy.

Emerging Trends From a Year of Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an excellent time to reflect on these top three emerging and key trends from the past year.

Passwordless Protection: The Next Step in Zero Trust Security

Zero trust architectural components can also be leveraged for the next evolution in authentication, which is passwordless access.

Email Security Recommendations You Should Consider for 2021

Based on 2021 trends, here are top recommendations for email security to safeguard against advanced threats like phishing and malware.