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3 Lessons From Gartner Peer Insight’s Hybrid Work Survey

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Cisco Duo and Gartner Peer Insights uncovered three key hybrid work challenges that security experts must navigate.

Unscrambling Cybersecurity Acronyms – The ABCs of MDR and XDR Security

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Cisco explores Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions in more depth.

Focus On Outcomes to Drive Zero Trust Progress

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The transformation zero trust inspires is one that requires a change across people, process & technology. Cisco explains the path forward.

Locking the Back Door (Part 4 of ‘Why Don’t You Go Dox Yourself?’)

In part four of this series, Cisco’s Zoe Lindsay explains how to lock down your accounts to protect against back door access.

The Four Lenses of Resilience and What They Mean for Security

Study your financial, operational, supply chain and organizational resilience to improve business integrity, according to Cisco Systems.

Cyber Insurance and the Attribution Conundrum

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What CISOs, MSPs and channel partners need to know about state sponsored cyberattacks and cyber insurance coverage.

The Case for Multi-Vendor Security Integrations

Cisco celebrates new and existing partners in CSTA who have either created new integrations across the portfolio or augmented existing ones.

DNS Protection: A Logical First Line for Security Defenses

DNS makes the Internet work & controls our access to it. That’s why MSPs need to address DNS security for end-customers.

Ransomware Attacks Can and Will Shut Down Schools, Colleges and Universities

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MSPs can leverage managed EDR to free up SOC (security operations center) teams & mitigate ransomware cyberattack risks vs. the education sector.

Securing the Cloud is Everyone’s Responsibility

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Cisco and AWS demonstrate shared responsibility that identifies security “of” the cloud versus security “in” the cloud.