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The Why and How of Selling Long-Term Managed Services Contracts

Some MSPs staunchly advocate selling month-by-month managed services agreements. Here’s why a long-term contract is the smarter move.

Security in the Cloud: Four Things Your Customers Need to Know

Public cloud adoption is growing by leaps and bounds, but there are misconceptions about what cloud providers actually protect. Barracuda MSP explains.

MSPs Selling Security Services: Bright Future Ahead

The latest research shows customers are finally warming up to the as-a-service business model, and security services are at the top of their list.

MSP Data Protection & Security Solutions: A Two Run Homer

Solution providers should cover all their customers’ bases by providing comprehensive managed data protection & security solutions. Barracuda MSP explains.

Build A Stronger Managed Services Offering Now. Here’s How

How managed services providers (MSPs) can sell bundled services using tiered sales models. Plus, Barracuda MSP explains how to overcome customer objections.

Money Coins Costs

Is It Time to Step Up Your Managed Security Services Game?

Most MSPs are missing out on advanced security revenue areas line incident response and remediation, SIEM, secure web access & more.

How MSPs Can Build Midmarket Managed Services Practices

What are midsize companies’ primary business & IT services needs? And how can MSPs win in this market? Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda offers advice.

3 Simple Ways to Improve MSP Customer Retention

How can you build a successful recurring revenue business with low customer churn? Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda explains how to reduce leakage.

3 Signs Your MSP Automation Tools, Technology Are Out of Alignment

Both the MSP automation software you use & solutions you sell could be out of alignment. Intronis MSP Solutions by Barrcuda explains the problems & fixes.

3 Tips for Building an Effective MSP Ecosystem

Leveraging the right IT automation and management tools to build an effective MSP ecosystem is attainable. Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda explains how.