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Microsoft Cloud Services: How Partners Influence Redmond

As Microsoft releases hundreds of Office 365 & Azure features to cloud customers every year, partners influence Microsoft like never before, AppRiver says.

AppRiver Security Analyst 2018 Predictions

AppRiver’s cybersecurity predictions for 2018 involve IoT vulnerabilities, ransomware, state-sponsored attacks, data breaches & threats MSPs must address.

Five Steps to Recovering From A Cyberattack

When a cyberattack strikes, make sure your recovery plan includes these five steps to mitigate time lost while trying to recover. AppRiver explains.

Microsoft Uber-Bundles, Business Apps Offer Opportunities for Service Providers

Microsoft 365 along with Office 365 Business Center and other perks provide new opportunities for partners. AppRiver explains the upside for MSPs.

Securing the Weakest Link: Educate End Users about Cyber Risks

Here are 5 simple steps MSPs and IT service providers can teach end users that will help keep hackers from wreaking havoc on their systems.

Office 365 Email Cybersecurity: 5 Reasons MSPs Must Embrace Layered Approach

When it comes to Microsoft Office 365 cybersecurity strategies, AppRiver shares five reasons MSPs should embraced a layered email security approach.

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Spam and Virus Filtering for My Business: Why?

Defending against email spam campaigns requires a great deal of time, resources and expertise. AppRiver describes smarter anti-spam strategies.

Microsoft Office 365 and MSP Profits: 3 Secrets to Partner Success

How bundled services, white glove support and efficient management can boost Office 365 partner profit margins. AppRiver explains.

Top Five Security Predictions for 2017

As we push deeper into 2017, here’s a healthy reminder about the top security predictions we’ll be tracking at AppRiver throughout the year.

Why Your Customers Should Be Paying You for Nothing

If you are still operating your IT business like a plumber, you are doing yourself & your customers a disservice. Ntiva, an AppRiver partner, explains why.