Thank You, Jean Alexander

jean-alexanderThis weekend our industry suffered the loss of Jean Alexander, a woman whom many of us knew and adored. Jean was one of the most positive, helpful and real woman in this industry and she will be missed. I have read all the emotional tributes to Jean and feel lucky that our market has such eloquent people who can put into words how many of us feel.

It also got me thinking. In this industry, which is so small and so close, we have the opportunity to be kind, respectful and let our peers know daily how much they offer the industry and us personally.

Losing Jean reminds me to tell our peers in the IT channel how they’ve helped us grow, or made our work week happier just by being there.

I’d love to ask for your participation this week in posting any kind or positive words for those who have made you feel good or helped you in the industry. Let’s say thanks and share comfort right now, while our dear friends can feel it. I’ll start with the first comment. Thanks so much and rest in peace Jean. You will be so missed and have always been incredibly treasured.


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    Amy Katz:

    I’m calling out Kim Daniels. Kim worked with Joe and me in the early days of Nine Lives, when we were ramping up and growing our brands and she was instrumental in helping us take our business to the next step, while serving our customers with care and consideration. Kim, after so many years I am lucky to call you a friend. So in honor of you, I raise my virtual glass of Silver Oak with a gulp and a giggle.

    Stuart Crawford:

    I would like to shout out Arlin Sorensen to has helped me for so many years…Arlin and I didn’t see eye to eye on many things in my personal life…but he never gave up and always returned my phone calls and emails. Thanks Arlin.

      Amy Katz:

      Thanks Stuart for sharing. Arlin has also been supportive to Joe and me throughout our journeys in and out of the channel – glad to see you recognize him today.

    Jeff Weinman:

    Of course you and Amy deserve a big “Thank you” too. Keep up the great work!

      Jeff Weinman:

      Oops…I meant you and Joe…

        Amy Katz:

        Thank you Jeff. We don’t take our work lightly, but really enjoy it. Hope it continues to show. Have a great day.

    Carrie Simpson:

    I’d like to say thank-you to Herman Pool. Herman was one of the first people to help me when we started our company. He’s been a fantastic friend and champion ever since, and is one of the first people I go to when I need advice or feel frustrated by a problem I’m having difficulty solving. Thanks Herman!

      Amy Katz:

      Carrie – thanks so much for acknowledging Herman. It’s amazing how some people can help start you out on the right foot, and then make sure you stay on your feet. Have a great day, ABK

    Ken Totura:

    My shout-out goes to Jean. For those of us who knew Jean over the decades understands the positive impact she’s had on the technology industry, channels and women in IT. We crossed paths in the 90’s while at Intelligent Electronics and we have crossed paths numerous times since then. My heart and prayers go out to her family and her beloved state of Texas. I was proud to be your peer.

      Amy Katz:

      Ken – thanks for participating and for your kind words about Jean. It’s amazing how one person can affect so an entire industry and I hope that enough of us told her when we could. ABK

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