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5 Channel Partner Updates: 27 July 2016

Good morning, channel partners. Here are five technology news updates, insights, chatter, and plenty more to sip on for Wednesday, July 27 2016.

Actually, there are 20 entries for VARs, managed services providers (MSPs), cloud services providers (CSPs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) to sip on. Take a look…

20. Apple Transition: Apple confirmed that iPhone sales have fallen for the second consecutive quarter but the actual figure (40.4 million smartphones) beat Wall Street’s expectations. CEO Tim Cook is working overtime to assure investors that Apple has a new generation of technology — featuring artificial intelligence and augmented reality — on the way…

19. World’s Most Secure Android Smartphone?: BlackBerry claims its new DTEK50 smartphone is the most secure Android smartphone on the market. CEO John Chen has been striving to jumpstart the company’s mobile device business even as some Wall Street pundits call on the company to get out of the smartphone market. Meanwhile: Google itself is taking steps to further secure Android.

18. Chip Acquisition: Analog Devices is buying Linear Technology for about $14.8 billion. The deal pushes Analog deeper into chips for smart phones and IoT devices. The deal comes less than a month after SoftBank announced plans to acquire ARM Holdings — the major mobile processor maker.

17. Next Citrix Sell-Off: After selling off its CloudStack and GoTo businesses, rumor has it Citrix Systems may look to sell off its NetScaler offerings.

16. Discrimination Settlement: Qualcomm is set to pay more than $19 million to settle claims that the company discriminated against female employees.

15. White House Guide to Cyber Security: a new Presidential Policy Directive seeks to “codify” how the federal government responds to significant cyber security incidents…. Welcome to 2010. We look forward to more government guidance around 2025…

14. Application Performance Management: New Relic is set to host a FutureStack conference on Aug. 9 in New York. For channel partners that are trying to wrap their arms around application performance management (APM), this event could be particularly worthwhile…

13. eDiscovery, Legal Vertical Managed Services: Stroz Friedberg’s Electronic Discovery and Disclosure business has bolstered its  Managed Services platform. The upgrade “fully integrates tracking legal hold and data collections efforts to the existing data processing, review and budget forecasting capabilities, bringing together the full spectrum of the EDRM process,” the company claims.

12. Cloud Data Center Sales?: CenturyLink is set to announce quarterly results on Aug. 3. We wonder: Will the company finalize plans to sell — or retain — its 60 cloud data centers? Hmmm… Rival Verizon plans to make a decision on its own data center ownership in Q3, the company confirmed this week.

11. AWS Cloud Cost Management Tools: Logicworks has launched CostLogic, a cost management solution that helps customers plan, monitor, and manage their AWS spending and reduce overall costs by up to 40 percent, the company claims. A growing list of cloud cost management tools are now on the market, including options from CloudMGRCloudCheckr and CloudAbility, just to name a few.

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