WEBCAST: 10 Tips from MSPs Who Sold Their Businesses

10 Tips From VARs & MSPs Who Sold Their Companies

May 19, 2022 at 2:00 pm ET

Who Is Presenting?

  • Linda Rose: An entrepreneur & retired Microsoft partner who sold three IT service companies. Author of Get Acquired for Millions. Advisor on MSP M&A deals.
  • Joe Panettieri: ChannelE2E co-founder has covered more than 1,000 MSP M&A deals.

Five Things You Will Learn:

  1. Current MSP valuations in one easy-to-understand chart.
  2. The business data you need to gather & organize before discussing an M&A deal.
  3. How to prepare finance, sales & other departments before a potential M&A deal surfaces.
  4. What a Letter of Intent (LOI) should — and should not — contain.
  5. How to understand the financial variables that impact business multiples.

Will we have live Q&A? Absolutely. So join us live and weigh in with questions, or listen on-demand for the M&A tips you need.