WEBCAST: How To Reach $2MM in Annual Recurring Revenue

How To Reach $2MM in Annual Recurring Revenue

Thursday, July 19, 2018
2:00 PM Eastern Time

During this webcast we’ll explore the next stage in your managed services journey — the push beyond basic recurring revenues and gaining mass to hit the $2 million ARR mark. Our guests will include MSP executives describing exactly how they marched from $0 to $1 million to an eventual $2 million in annual recurring revenues. We’ll cover your questions throughout.

Three things you will learn:

  • The typical revenue mix for a $1 million MSP, and how you’ll evolve to hit $2 million ARR
  • Ideal customer sizes & pricing levels to reach the $2 million ARR mark
  • How to identify “bad revenue” in your mix that you’ll need to replace


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