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Our 2023 webcast series designed to help managed service providers with their businesses, cybersecurity, compensation, sale of the business, providing virtual CISO services, and more, is available for registration now. You are invited to join us on one – or all – of these events.



2023 Series Available Now


How to Offer Co-Managed Security Services
Thursday, April 20, 2pm ET
Mid-market customers increasingly demand co-managed security services to fill their talent and cyber technology gaps. Meanwhile, MSPs and MSSPs are partnering to offer co-managed services to their end-customers. The end result involves lucrative opportunities and complex challenges across interconnected businesses.

MSP M&A: How to Compensate Your Employees When Selling Your Business
Thursday, May 18, 2pm ET

You’re ready to sell your MSP business. But what steps – if any – should you take to compensate various employees when the deal is finalized?

Mid-Year MSP Valuations & Profit Trends Revealed
Thursday, July 20, 2pm ET

As we reach the mid-year mark, it’s time to take a close look at how your MSP business is performing against the overall partner system – and why.

How to Offer vCISO Services
Thursday, August 17, 2pm ET

Your MSP already offers virtual CIO services to end-customers. Now, you want to extend into the cyber side of the conversation – offering virtual CISO services.

MSP Security Sales Plans for 2024
Thursday, October 19, 2pm ET

How can MSPs drive more managed security sales in 2024? The simple answer involves proper incentives for your own MSP sales team.

Finding the Right Cyber Insurance for 2024
Thursday, November 16, 2pm ET

Amid continued cyberattacks against the MSP sector, many MSPs still struggle to find cost-effective cyber insurance. Still, there is some good news in the market – as cyber insurers and software companies begin to automate the application process for MSPs.

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MDR Security for Small MSPs: Five Key Questions Answered
Debuted: Thursday, February 16, 2pm ET
MSPs frequently partner to gain MDR (managed detection & response) security capabilities. But when it’s time to mitigate an incident, the finger pointing and blame game between MSP and MDR partners sometimes starts.

How to Sell SaaS Security for Microsoft 365
Debuted: Thursday, January 25, 2pm ET
MSPs resell Microsoft 365, but they often fail to secure the SaaS platform beyond Microsoft’s built-in protections. As a result: You’re inviting risk and leaving money on the table. It’s time to shift your mindset and fully monetize SaaS security.

Virtual CISO: The MSP Job Description
Debuted: Thursday, November 17, 2pm ET
Is it time for your MSP to offer virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services? And what exactly do those services entail? Join us as we discuss vCISO job descriptions, end-customer responsibilities and next-steps for your associated security services catalog.

Top 10 MSP Sales Hunting Skills 
Debuted: Thursday, October 20, 2pm ET
There are 10 critical MSP sales hunting skills every successful hunter possesses. When you are hiring a salesperson to hunt, you want to be sure your candidate has these skills before you hire. KLA Group CEO Kendra Lee explains.

MSP Supply Chain Security
Debuted: Thursday, August 18, 2pm ET
Every piece of your MSP software stack remains a prime target for hackers, cyberattacks & ransomware. During this webcast, we will discuss practical steps to lock down your stack and your supply chain ecosystem — from your vendors to your own business to your end-customers’ networks.

Service Leadership Inc.’s Mid-Year Service Provider Report
Debuted: Thursday, July 21, 2pm ET
How are IT service providers performing so far in 2022 in terms of profits, revenues and business valuations? Service Leadership Inc. unveils the latest research findings during this live webcast.

10 Tips from MSPs Who Sold Their Businesses 
Debuted: Thursday, May 19, 2pm ET
Join us as Linda Rose, retired Microsoft Partner of 25 years (turned M&A Advisor) and seller of three of her own service companies shares 10 of her 100 Tips, Traps and Tactics from those who have already sold their IT Businesses.

Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs 

Debuted: Thursday, April 21, 2pm ET
Join us live as we unveil ChannelE2E’s seventh-annual ranking of the world’s Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs. Based on our annual research survey, we’ll reveal the top MSPs in such verticals as health care, legal, finance, government, education and more. Plus. we’ll share financial and business metric highlights from the associated research report.

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