MDR Security for Small MSPs: Five Key Questions Answered

On-Demand Webcast|2 hours

Thursday, February 16, 20232:00 PM Eastern Time

MSPs frequently partner to gain MDR (managed detection & response) security capabilities. But when it’s time to mitigate an incident, the finger pointing and blame game between MSP and MDR partners sometimes starts.

With those MSP opportunities and concerns in mind, join us to learn:

  1. Core MDR Security Services: What MSPs should look for and why.
  2. Managed Detection: Who’s responsible for spotting threats to customers?
  3. Managed Response: Who’s responsible for containing that threat?
  4. Managed Remediation: How to ensure the attacker is removed from the system.
  5. Digital Forensics & Incident Response: What MSPs should look for in a partner.