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MSP 200: Public Cloud Edition 2019

Here’s page 18. Boy was that a fast page load. Here are items 30 to 21.

30. PwC  (Last Year: 28)
Cloud Focus: Google
Location: New York, New York, United States
Business Focus: With PwC’s business insights and Google Cloud’s breadth of technology, we can help you increase productivity, improve communication and reduce costs. PwC understands the business transformation required to succeed in this complex journey and has the deep industry and process knowledge required to help clients innovate and reinvent their businesses. Together, PwC and Google bring to market leading disruptive technology and the deep industry and process knowledge required to help clients reinvent, innovate and transform their businesses.

29. Wragby Business Solutions  (Last Year: 27)
Cloud Focus: Azure
Location: Lekki, Nigeria
Business Focus: Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited (2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Cloud Platform in Nigeria) is a cutting edge end-to-end business technology services and solutions provider. We empower our customers to fully optimize day-to-day operational tasks by providing best-in-class business and cloud solutions, technology solutions, embrace innovation, reduce risk and further control costs. We design, implement and manage IT systems.

28. Dedalus  (Last Year: 26)
Cloud Focus: AWS, Azure
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Business Focus: Dedalus is a Brazilian company fully devoted to Cloud and Data Services. Rapid growth since 2009 when we started with Cloud offerings and last year invested to expand MSP services to Data. Our Mission is to Help on the complete usage of emerging technologies. Dedalus is #1 AWS and Azure in Latam, the only Latam company as Azure Expert MSP.

27. Megazone Corp. (Last Year: 24)
Cloud Focus: AWS, Google
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Business Focus: We will continue to invest more in the cloud business to hold and strengthen our number 1 position in the Korean market. related businesses are expanded through dedicated organization and reference for Big data, AI, Machine Learning, and IOT. The SI business, which Megazone has been utilizing to position itself in the mraket for the past 20 years, combined with infrastructure-based services will be leveraged to help Megazone become a stronger DevOps organization. Lastly, Megazone will build more capabilities in the SaaS model, e.g. our own solutions called Hyper Solutions.

26. Cloudnexa  (Last Year: 23)
Cloud Focus: AWS
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Business Focus: Cloudnexa is dedicated to helping clients achieve their business and IT objectives utilizing Amazon Web Services. Leverage our deep expertise in delivering scalable, secure, cost effective cloud infrastructures across public and government clouds. Our team of certified experts help customers realize the true cost savings and technical value proposition of AWS.

25. Cloudticity  (Last Year: NA)
Cloud Focus: AWS
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Business Focus: At Cloudticity, we are changing the way that healthcare interacts with people. Our vision is to make every human on earth healthier via our work. So, we spend our days creating technology solutions for the healthcare industry. We help healthcare organizations design, develop, migrate, manage, and optimize HIPAA compliant solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Once on the cloud, we keep our clients’ systems running securely with our managed services, managed security, and managed compliance offering, Cloudticity Oxygen™.

24. Ensono  (Last Year: 22)
Cloud Focus: AWS, Azure
Location: Downers Grove, Illinois, United States
Business Focus: Ensono helps IT leaders be the catalyst for change by harnessing the power of hybrid IT to transform their businesses. We drive digital transformation by enabling increased agility and scalability through the modernization to public cloud. Ensono provides management and optimization of performance and costs with broad SLAs for both infrastructure and application services, automation services, and provides a consultative model for continuous optimization to meet the current needs of clients while anticipating and engineering solutions for their future requirements.

23. Atos (Last Year: NA ) Cloud Focus: AWS, Azure
Location: Bezons, France
Business Focus: Organizations need to ask themselves how they can take advantage of the power of the public cloud to transform and re-invent their business. The answer is Atos Canopy Managed Public Cloud Services. We’ve helped organizations around the world transform their business to take full advantage of the public cloud. The benefits are numerous: helping keep costs under control, maintaining security and governance, enabling true DevOps and making sure our customers get the maximum benefit from the functionality and innovation that public cloud delivers.

22. BlazeClan Technologies  (Last Year: 21)
Cloud Focus: AWS, Azure
Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Business Focus: BlazeClan is amongst the world’s leading providers of public cloud services with a proven history of helping enterprises unlock the value of cloud computing. Established in 2010, the company has been providing customers across the globe with cloud advisory services, cloud migration, DevOps and Automation, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Native Application development, and cloud managed services.

21. Samsung SDS (Last Year: NA )
Cloud Focus: AWS
Location: Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, United States
Business Focus: Samsung SDS America (SDSA) is the U.S. subsidiary of Samsung SDS, a global software solutions and IT services company. Samsung SDSA helps organizations optimize their productivity and make smarter business decisions using our enterprise software solutions for secure mobility, HPC managed services, DOOH, and advanced analytics and contextual marketing. We enable our customers in government, financial services, retail, and other industries to drive business and improve their competitive positions in a hyper-connected economy.

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