Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs List 2021

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50. New England Network Solutions, Inc.
Last Year: 67
Top Vertical: Life Sciences/BioTech
Location: Lowell, Massachusetts, United States
Top Executive: Daniel Adams, Ppesident
Focus: We strive to be the most sought after and referred business technology partner in New England for clients, employees and vendors. We help our clients be more effective. We drive long-term difference-making value by providing high-quality, predictable IT security, project and support services for businesses who appreciate a strategic IT partnership.

49. Cloudticity
Last Year: 27
Top Vertical: Healthcare
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Top Executive: Gerry Miller, founder & CEO
Focus: Cloudticity is a digital enablement partner for the healthcare industry generating measurable business and clinical outcomes by unlocking the full potential of the cloud. Through groundbreaking automation and deep cloud expertise, Cloudticity solutions empower healthcare organizations to create and scale the next generation of healthcare solutions. Distinguished for having built some of the earliest and largest health systems on the cloud, including the first patient portal, the first health information exchange (HIE), the first and only FISMA high deployment on AWS GovCloud, and the first Meaningful Use 2 (MU2) compliance attestation for a large hospital system, Cloudticity enables healthcare to thrive in the digital era. Innovate faster, improve care, maintain compliance, and drive long-term growth with Cloudticity HITRUST-certified solutions.

48. First Focus
Top Vertical: Financial Services/Banking
Location: Botany, NSW, Australia
Top Executive: Ross Sardi, CEO
Focus: First Focus is Australia’s #1 ranked IT service provider providing end-to-end technology solutions to midsize businesses. Since 2003, our focus has been helping people use technology to make a difference in their organizations.

47. STI Computer Services, Inc.
Last Year: 42
Top Vertical: Healthcare
Location: Eagleville, Pennsylvania, United States
Top Executive: Al Toper, director
Focus: Our main focus is providing MSP services to the ambulatory healthcare market.

46. ProServeIT Corp
Last Year: 72
Top Vertical: Not for profit
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Top Executive: Eric Sugar , CEO
Focus: Unlocking your digital future

45. SWK Technologies Inc.
Last Year: 52
Top Vertical: Manufacturing
Location: East Hanover, New Jersey, United States
Top Executive: Mark Meller, CEO
Focus: Delight our clients each and every day. As well as integrate seamlessly into our clients processes and to work with our clients, within their budgets, to provide premium technology solutions to business problems, increase client productivity, and alleviate their security and business continuity concerns. When you have challenges, we want to know – your feedback is critical for us to learn as individuals and to grow as an organization. When your business is running at a high level of effectiveness and efficiency, you, your team, and our team can enjoy a sense of achievement and fulfillment that helps everyone endeavor to find the time and summon the energy and positive outlook we need to support our communities.

44. BMC Networks
Last Year: 65
Top Vertical: Legal
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Top Executive: Brian Mauch, CEO
Focus: To be the preeminent legal IT provider in Canada.

43. Network Solutions & Technology (NST)
Top Vertical: Healthcare
Location: East Northport, New York, United States
Top Executive: William Collins, president
Focus: For nearly two decades, since 2000 NST has helped businesses in the tri-state New York Area with their productivity and efficiency. Our expertise in today’s cloud technologies extends across all industries; healthcare, financial, manufacturing, legal services, and professional services. We have specialized in security services and our knowledge of HIPAA, SOC, DFS, and all regulatory compliance. Today is no different, let us know show you why we are right Long Island and NYC IT support partner for your organization.

42. Network Doctor
Top Vertical: Healthcare
Location: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, United States
Top Executive: Paul Hilbert, partner
Focus: Network Doctor provides advanced IT consulting and rapid-response support services for small to mid-size businesses regionally, nationally, and across the globe. Supported by a team of certified IT professionals, we’re committed to building and implementing the most effective infrastructure for your businesses. Our goal is to equip your team with the access and tools they need to boost productivity and position your company as an industry leader.

41. Computer Resources of America
Last Year: 37
Top Vertical: Financial Services/Banking
Location: New York, New York, United States
Top Executive: Chico Ramnarayan, president and CEO
Focus: Founded in 1992, CRA (Computer Resources of America) is an award-winning provider of IT solutions in New York City. CRA provides services to midsize organizations, government agencies, non-profits and financial services companies. Information technology services include managed information technology, cloud storage solutions, IT consulting and staffing. These solutions optimize productivity, strengthen customer relationships, enhance data sharing and drive profitability. CRA helps free up clients’ internal teams and build a complete technical vision that is scalable.

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