Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs List 2016 Edition

top-100-vertical-market-msps-2016ChannelE2E’s Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs List for 2016, based on Q1 research results. Want More?: Download the research report and sortable spreadsheet or simply continue reading online by navigating the page below.

isolutions80. iSolutions Ltd. 
Vertical: Manufacturing Location: Budaors, Hungary
Top Executive: Attila Papp, CEO
Focus: Differentiation from competitors is getting tougher. Disruption is happening. Google, Amazon, Microsoft or even the local printer management company claim they are delivering Managed Services. So staying relevant to our clients is getting harder and harder. There is a huge disruptive change in Information Technology, influencing every industry, and every company. But very few companies know exactly how to monetize it. Isolutions’ brand new methodology turn these opportunities to measurable results in a very short period of time.

bryley-systems79. Bryley Systems Inc.
Vertical: Hospitality Location: Hudson, Massachusetts
Top Executive: Gavin Livingstone, president
Focus: We are a Managed IT Service Provider, fulfilling the information-technology needs of our clients throughout central New England since 1987.

digital-boardwalk78. Digital Boardwalk
: Healthcare Location: Pensacola, Florida
Top Executive: Tim Shoop, CEO
Focus: Our vision is to assist businesses nationwide with the strategic adoption of new technologies and services that empower businesses to be more productive, more connected, and more profitable. Our mission is to provide innovative technology products and services to small and medium businesses, small enterprise healthcare, and government, while focusing on insurmountable customer service and rapid response times by leveraging the latest remote management technologies.

kiosconsulting77. Klos Consulting Inc.
Vertical: Construction Location: Parkland, Florida
Top Executive: Keenan Klos, president
Focus: To provide outstanding customer service managing IT solutions for small and medium businesses throughout South Florida, especially within the Construction industry.

redlevel76. Red Level Networks
: Manufacturing Location: Novi, Michigan
Top Executive: David King, CEO
Focus: Red Level helps organizations leverage IT solutions to solve business problems. By understanding each of our clients’ unique business needs, our team of consultants can prescribe and deliver the optimal IT solutions to improve processes, collaboration and business results.

levelcloud75. LevelCloud – A Forum Info-Tech Brand
Vertical: Legal Location: Corona, California
Top Executive: Biren Shukla, CEO
Focus: Target companies under 200 million in revenue. Lead with Cloud Solutions. Focus marketing efforts on attracting legal clients. Only hire A players. Create a ownership culture.

managed-it-systems74. Managed IT Systems, Inc.
Vertical: Healthcare Location: Athens, Georgia
Top Executive: Scott Meeler, CEO
Focus: The professionals at Managed IT Systems Inc. help you achieve the technology goals your company needs to increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of the goods and services you provide. We focus on helping countless healthcare providers increase productivity by making IT a streamlined part of their operations.

alcon-dts73. ALCON DTS
Vertical: Healthcare Location: Austin, Texas
Top Executive: Eduardo Contreras, CEO
Focus: ALCON DTS’s vision is to enable our customers to reach their business goals by delivering world class technology, security, and compliance solutions while maintaining the highest standards of business integrity, ethics, and customer service.

rmon-networks72. RMON Networks, Inc
Vertical: Government Location: Plaistow, New Hampshire
Top Executive: Timothy Howard, president
Focus: RMON Networks’ vision is to be the leading company of IT Managed Services for small and mid-sized business in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Southern Maine. Our focus on IT Managed Services means that we stress the importance of consistently improving the value of technology services. Every employee has a vital role to play to ensure that customer receives the very best services.

neoscope71. Neoscope
Vertical: Education Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Top Executive: Timothy Martin, president & CEO
Focus: Your IT Department if you don’t have one, the extra leverage if you do.

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