Top 100 Technology Mergers and Acquisitions of 2017: MSPs, CSPs, IT Consulting Firms and More

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Welcome to M&A deals 61 through 70 for 2017.

61. Buyer: MSouth Equity Partners Buyer Focus: Private Equity

  • Seller: Onepath
  • Seller Focus: MSP
  • Summary: The deal essentially recapitalizes Onepath’s business for future growth — much in the way that a consumer refinances a home mortgage to gain a range of financial benefits. Onepath, a 900-person business based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been growing both organically and via M&A. The company acquired Internet & Telephone earlier this year.
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62. Buyer: NeoNova Buyer Focus: MSP

  • Seller: API Digital
  • Seller Focus: MSP
  • Summary: NeoNova’s 144 employees nationwide provide help desk, networking and revenue-building services to 230 rural broadband affiliates in 44 states. API Digital and its 60 employees already serve more than 100 customers across the country. API Digital, founded in 199, will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of NeoNova while maintaining its headquarters in Huntsville, Ala.
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63. Buyer: Ntiva Buyer Focus: MSP

  • Seller: IN Communications
  • Seller Focus: Telecom Services
  • Summary: Ntiva Inc., which has a footprint in Northern California and the District of Columbia, has acquired full-service telecom provider IN Communications Inc. This is Ntiva’s third acquisition since its inception. The earlier deals involved smaller IT consultancy firms.
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64. Buyer: NTT Buyer Focus: Global IT Services

  • Seller: Secure-24
  • Seller Focus: MSP
  • Summary: NTT acquired Secure-24, a U.S-based managed services provider (MSP) focused on hosted Oracle, SAP and Microsoft solutions. Secure-24 also has a fast-growing managed security services business and compliance know-how. Financial terms were not disclosed.
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65. Buyer: Office Depot Buyer Focus: Office Equipment

  • Seller: CompuCom
  • Seller Focus: IT Services
  • Summary: Office Depot and CompuCom predict the deal will create major synergies between the retail giant’s physical locations and CompuCom’s extensive IT services experts. Also, a portion of CompuCom’s business involves recurring revenues — which Wall Street now craves.
  • Valuation: $1 billion, 10X EBITDA
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66. Buyer: Office Depot Buyer Focus: Office Equipment

  • Seller: Complete Office Solutions
  • Seller Focus: Office Equipment
  • Summary: As Office Depot’s legcy retail business continues to weaken, the big box retailer is pushing hard in new directions. The latest example: Office Depot (ODP) apparently has acquired Complete Office Solutions, a $150 million midmarket office equipment supplier.
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67. Buyer: Optiv Security Buyer Focus: Security

  • Seller: Conexys
  • Seller Focus: Security
  • Summary: Optiv acquired Conexsys, a Toronto-based security and networking solutions provider. Optiv is one of the world’s largest IT consulting firms focused on security solutions. The company also ranks among the world’s Top 100 MSSPs for 2017, according to MSSP Alert. KKR, a private equity firm, acquired Optiv in December 2016.
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68. Buyer: Orogon Group Buyer Focus: Private Equity

  • Seller: Virtusa Seller Focus: Global IT Services
  • Summary: The Orogon Group invested $108 million in Virtusa Corp., a global business consulting and IT outsourcing company. The company will focus on expanding its services for the financial services vertical.
  • Valuation: $108 million.
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69. Buyer: OVH Buyer Focus: CSP

  • Seller: VMware vCloud Air
  • Seller Focus: CSP
  • Summary: OVH, a global cloud services provider, is a Top 10 provider of IaaS services, according to third-party research. The company has one million customers and 260,000 servers deployed. VMware vCloud Air was a struggling cloud platform ahead of this deal.
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70. Buyer: Pacific Office Automation Buyer Focus: MSP

  • Seller: Trans-West Seller Focus: MSP
  • Summary: Pacific Office Automation (POA) has acquired Trans-West, a Phoenix, Arizona-based Voice Over IP (VoIP) and data solutions provider. Trans-West has been operating for more than 35 years, the last three of which it has made the top spot for Telephone Equipment and Systems on the Ranking Arizona poll. The deal, at least on paper, should allow POA and Trans-West to connect the dots between managed WiFi solutions and VoIP offerings.
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