Top 100 Technology Mergers and Acquisitions of 2017: MSPs, CSPs, IT Consulting Firms and More

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Welcome to M&A deals 21 through 30 for 2017.


21. Buyer: Deloitte Buyer Focus: Global IT Services

  • Seller: Day1 Solutions Seller Focus: CSP
  • Summary: Day1 is part of Deloitte’s broader cloud and digital business strategy. Indeed, Deloitte is adding 3,000 new engineers over the next year to help organizations integrate, streamline and manage business operations in the cloud, the company claims.
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22. Buyer: Deloitte Buyer Focus: Global IT Services

  • Seller: Strut Digital
  • Seller Focus: AWS Expert
  • Summary: Strut Digital is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) MSP with DevOps cloud experience. Strut helps companies move to and manage cloud-based IT environments. Key customers include Westpac, Qantas, Amway and Bauer Media Group.
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23. Buyer: Digital Realty Buyer Focus: Data Centers

  • Seller: DuPont Fabros
  • Seller Focus: Data Centers
  • Summary: In its largest deal to date, Digital Realty Trust Inc. (DLR) acquired rival data center operator DuPont Fabros Technology Inc. (DFT) for about $7.6 billion. The purchase of one its of major competitors will grow Digital Realty’s presence in high-demand U.S. metro areas and expand the company’s hyperscale product offerings, among other perks.
  • Valuation: $7.6 billion. 
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24. Buyer: DSA Buyer Focus: IT Services

  • Seller: PPC
  • Seller Focus: Vertical Markets
  • Summary: PPC is an IT solutions provider that specializes in enterprise systems development and integration, knowledge management, cybersecurity, energy management and environmental sustainability.
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25. Buyer: DXC Technology Buyer Focus: Global IT Services

  • Seller: Tribridge
  • Seller Focus: ISV Expert
  • Summary: DXC Technology acquired Tribridge, one of the largest independent integrators of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The deal includes Tribridge affiliate company Concerto Cloud Services, a managed service provider (MSP) specializing in private, public and hybrid cloud products and services.
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26. Buyer: DXC Technology Buyer Focus: Global IT Services

  • Seller: Logicalis SMC
  • Seller Focus: ISV Expert
  • Summary: In its second acquisition in three months, DXC Technology acquired Logicalis SMC. The move could boost DXC’s ServiceNow business and expand the company’s reach into the Netherlands, where Logicalis is a key provider of technology-enabled solutions for the service management sector.
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27. Buyer: Eight Dragons Buyer Focus: Private Equity

  • Seller: Park Road Solutions
  • Seller Focus: IT Services
  • Summary: Park Road Solutions specializes in outsourced chief technology officer, chief security officer, and information technology services. News Analysis.

28. Buyer: EMIT Buyer Focus: MSP

  • Seller: Softech
  • Seller Focus: MSP
  • Summary: EMIT expects to gain €2M (US$2.1M) in revenue over the next three years.EMIT is a Microsoft cloud and Dell EMC partner in Ireland. The company’s IT solutions and managed IT services extend across four areas: Cloud computing, business productivity, IT security and infrastructure. EMIT’s customer base now extends across more than 3,500 end users. Softech, based in Dublin, has built a range of infrastructure, managed services, information management, cloud services and business intelligence solutions.
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29. Buyer: Enlightenment Capital Buyer Focus: Private Equity

  • Seller: 1901 Group
  • Seller Focus: MSP
  • Summary: 1901 Group (Reston, Virginia) specializes in IT as a service and helps customers to migrate applications to public- or private cloud-based environments. The company claims to have some sort of secret sauce involving a heavy emphasis on employee training, quality and automation. Moreover, 1901 has a FedRAMP-authorized operating platform plus a 24×7 operations center in Virginia that’s CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001 certified.
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30. Buyer: Ensono Buyer Focus: CSP

  • Seller: Inframon
  • Seller Focus: CSP
  • Summary: The deal allows Ensono to extend beyond its existing hybrid IT services, which including Amazon Web Services (AWS), dedicated cloud and mainframe capabilities. Ensono discovered UK-based Inframon when customers began asking for Azure support.
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