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7. Rackspace Cloud

Gartner Recommended Uses for Rackspace Public Cloud: Cloud­native applications requiring a basic cloud IaaS offering that includes bare­metal servers; cloud IaaS as part of a hybrid hosting solution with DevOps­oriented managed services; hybrid hosting where cloud IaaS is supplementary to a primarily dedicated infrastructure; development environments where simplicity and ease of use are crucial. Gartner Recommended Uses for Rackspace Private Cloud: Private OpenStack environments for development or cloud­native applications; VMware or Hyper­V­based "rented virtualization" for general business applications or development environments; private "Azure­like" (Windows Azure Pack) environments for development; hybrid environments with Microsoft Azure. ChannelE2E’s Spin: Rackspace couldn’t quite compete head-on against Amazon and Azure. That’s why the company now offers managed services for third-party clouds. Rackspace Partner Network Information