MSSP: Netsurion Blends Managed Security, SIEM, Breach Detection

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Netsurion, a managed security services provider (MSSP), has extended its platform with new SIEM and breach detection services. The move comes as thousands of MSPs explore ways to extend beyond traditional endpoint security, antivirus and patch management services.

The new Netsurion managed security services include:

  • SIEM-at-the-Edge: Here, Netsurion extends SIEM technology to workstations, combining security event monitoring capabilities with managed detection and response (MDR).
  • Breach Detection Service: This involves automated system alerts that track such system changes as the installation of unknown or unsigned applications, unexpected user behavior, and connections with poor reputation IP addresses. It’s an added layer on top of firewall and anti-virus solutions, alerting businesses to possible zero-day viruses and ransomware.

EventTracker, a security management platform that Netsurion acquired in October 2016, powers the new offerings. The Netsurion-EventTracker deal is one of our Top 100 MSP-related Acquisitions of 2016 (the full list will surface during our January 26 webcast).

Rise of MSSPs, SOCs

Amid Netsurion’s continued MSSP moves, the overall MSP market is evolving toward a range of next-generation security strategies.

Indeed, MSPs have been forced to up their security games amid the rise of ransomware, the spread of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and the SMB segment’s growing use of mission-critical IT systems. Many MSPs are exploring SIEM (security information and event management ) strategies, though even SIEM might be giving way to SOAPA (security operations and analytics platform architecture, according to ESG.

Still, not all MSPs and VARs have the expertise to become full-blown MSSPs, notes The 2112 Group, a market watcher that offers channel-centric IT consulting services.  Aware of that reality, many channel partners are tapping into third-party managed security services. Moreover, MSP-friendly vendors like Continuum are preparing to launch Security Operations Center (SOC) services for their partners.

Roll all those factors together, and MSSPs like Netsurion appear well-positioned for continued growth — though success, as usual, comes down to strategy and execution.

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    Dustin Bolander:

    I’ll be curious to see how well these companies can keep up on the service/support side. We have had poor experience with a few of the big names and I’ve heard bad things second hand as well (trying not to name names haha). This seems to be an area in particular that is very hard to scale fast.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Dustin: Generally speaking I agree. I think the leaders (SaaS-oriented MSSPs that own their intellectual property) will lean heavily on machine learning/AI to dramatically boost automation. At first it will be an expensive arms war for the MSSPs. But over time, as A.I. services from Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google go mainstream, perhaps the secret sauce for MSSPs and the MSP cousins will become affordable as well… We’ll be watching.


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