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Gartner Magic Quadrant 2016: Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics

Gartner Magic Quadrant Challengers

Challengers rankings sorted alphabetically…

CA Technologies

  • ca-incGartner Strengths: “The broad portfolio includes many functional areas, offering clients a set of products coupled with internal services capability to implement and maintain the solutions. CA Technologies has commenced integration across its broad NPMD solution suite, leveraging both the architectural strengths of the CA UIM platform and agile deployment methodologies. Positive financial viability continues to show that there is limited risk to business stability in doing business with the company.”
  • Gartner Cautions: “CA’s NPMD solution is an amalgamation of various product lines from several acquisitions with limited integration, which introduces significant complexity in UI and workflows. End users report dissatisfaction with the high cost of maintenance and a high percentage of overall spend required for implementation services. Packet analysis capability from Application Delivery Analysis has yet to be brought into standard monitoring and troubleshooting workflows.”
  • ChannelE2E Spin: CA Technologies has worked closely with small and midsize service providers with extensive success. The company has expanded beyond network performance management toward “the application economy” — basically taking steps to help MSPs ensure application performance for end-customers.

Cisco Systems

  • ciscoGartner Strengths: “Cisco is in a unique position to support its pervasive networking installed base, offering very deep support for Cisco visibility technologies. Strong support for wireless LAN infrastructure and performance monitoring, in conjunction with traditional data center technology, is a competitive differentiator in the NPMD space. Cisco has strong financial viability, resulting in limited business stability-related risk.”
  • Gartner Cautions: “With limited support for non-Cisco environments, Cisco Prime Infrastructure is mostly used as a point solution, often requiring buyers to purchase other management tools for comprehensive performance monitoring. Analytics capabilities remain limited, with Cisco’s NPMD solution primarily focused on reporting and presenting large reports of metric data. The Network Analysis Module has a dated user interface, and packet analysis workflows are not well-integrated into Cisco Prime Infrastructure.”
  • ChannelE2E Spin: Cisco Systems generates more than 80 percent of its revenues from channel partners. And the figure is even higher if you include Cisco’s sales into service providers.

NetScout Systems

  • netscoutGartner Strengths: “Feedback from end users has been positive on the updated service representation in the latest version of the nGeniusONE platform. NetScout has a large and loyal customer base. NetScout’s patented Adaptive Session Intelligence technology provides technical differentiation in support of growing scalability requirements.”
  • Gartner Cautions: “NetScout’s acquisition of Danaher’s communication business appears to have resulted in overlapping product lines, which may result in execution challenges. NetScout has been described as being a premium-priced solution by end users who interact with Gartner (for example, in client inquiries and one-on-one meetings at Gartner events). NetScout’s ability to derive and use application context from network data should not be confused with full APM capabilities.”
  • ChannelE2E Spin: Netscout’s service provider strategy seems to target larger wireless, cable or wireline network operators. Keep a particularly close eye on the company’s machine-to-machine monitoring strategy and automated analytics.


  • sevoneGartner Strengths: “SevOne leverages its rapid flow analysis engine and patented horizontal scaling architecture to offer very high flow processing and reporting on a single appliance. SevOne has developed capabilities in the growing IoT monitoring space, with the scalability and granularity required to monitor in such environments. End users rate SevOne’s support highly for delivering on requested enhancements, with its productized xStats adapters that include a 10-day guarantee for new device certification.”
  • Gartner Cautions: “SevOne has made limited progress in taking advantage of packet data in its core monitoring and troubleshooting workflows, which are still focused on flow and SNMP data sources, while integration of log data shows some progress. End users cite issues regarding product stability, and SevOne’s steps to improve quality have limited innovation in recent releases. SevOne’s focus on large enterprises and CSPs may limit their ability to serve the broader market.”
  • ChannelE2E Spin: Some very large MSPs and communication service providers — CSC, Comcast, Verizon — have adopted SevOne. Major cloud and network hardware makers are onboard. A reseller program also is in place.


  • solarwindsGartner Strengths: “With a low-cost entry point and strong brand and marketing presence, SolarWinds has amassed a large user base, and it is often the first choice of many SMB buyers requiring NPMD capabilities. SolarWinds provides an easy-to-use interface with quick value out of the box, with very simple implementations. The useful ecosystem of tools beyond NPMD gives users a toolbox of capabilities, including topology mapping and network configuration management.”
  • Gartner Cautions: “The conservative approach to new technology support has seen support for hybrid IT environments lag behind competitive vendors. End users cite weakness in SolarWinds’ ability to handle large environments, and report limited data analytics for tackling complex problems. SolarWinds provides an indirect sales model only, with no professional services. This creates limitations for enterprises requiring nonstandard or complex implementations.”
  • ChannelE2E Spin: SolarWinds has a long history working with resellers, MSPs and service providers. From the SMB sector (where N-able completes) up into midmarket and enterprise areas, the SolarWinds team understands service providers.

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