Top PSA Software Tools List for MSPs: 2019

PSA (professional services automation) software remains a core requirement for MSPs (managed IT services providers) and IT consulting firms that want to manage tickets, billing, utilization rates, recurring revenues and plenty more.

Some PSA systems are designed for all types of professional services firms — lawyers, accountants, auditors and more. But for the purpose of this article, we zeroed in on PSA tools that typically appeal to channel partners and IT consulting firms. Here are 30 options that caught our attention.

Top of the Market: PSA for MSPs in the SMB Sector

Before we dive into the entire list, it’s important to offer some context. Here’s the abridged edition for those who are new to the market: ConnectWise Manage and Datto’s Autotask PSA are generally the best-known PSA options in the MSP-centric SMB sector. Also of note: Kaseya BMS (Business Management System) has a growing following within the Kaseya ecosystem. And SolarWinds acquired Samanage in early 2019 — which could set the stage for a more aggressive PSA move from SolarWinds MSP down the road, ChannelE2E believes.

PSA for MSPs in the SMB Sector: 30 Options for 2019

Here’s a company-by-company list of PSA software providers — sorted alphabetically — along with some insights from ChannelE2E. If we overlooked or failed to mention any companies, please email me ([email protected]) or post a comment.

Now, the list — sorted alphabetically by company name.

1. Accelo: This PSA offering was initially developed as an internal business management system for Internetrix, a web consulting and development agency in Australia. Accelo has a focus on IT service providers and a niche following in that industry.

2. Atera: The company offers a blended PSA-RMM platform with a per-technician pricing model. Essentially a niche player, the company has tried to stand out in the crowded MSP software market — where Private Equity ownership is often the norm. Details about the company’s January 2019 release are here.

3. Autotask PSA from DattoAutotask PSA and rival ConnectWise Manage (listed further below) are generally the two best-known options for MSPs in the SMB market. Private equity firm Vista Equity Partners acquired Datto and tucked Autotask into the business in late 2017. Since that time, Datto has taken a “must move faster” approach to PSA, accelerating the platform’s R&D efforts.

4. ChangePoint: The provider of project and portfolio management (PPM), IT portfolio analysis (IIPA) and PSA applications has been quiet in 2019 and was mostly silent 2018. We haven’t seen any recent activity in the IT services market. If anyone has updates, we’re listening.

5. Computicate PSA: The platform was re-written starting in 2014 as a true SaaS platform with multi-tenant services for MSPs. The company offers this 10-point check list to help MSPs select a PSA platform. Overall this is a niche player but certainly focused on MSPs.

6. ConnectWise Manage: ConnectWise Manage and Datto’s Autotask PSA (list above) are generally the two best-known options for MSPs in the SMB market. ConnectWise set the early market pace for PSA-RMM integration, acquiring multiple IT automation tools since 2010 or so. Thoma Bravo acquired the company in 2019, and vowed to maintain the software company’s long-term strategic plan amid a CEO transition from Arnie Bellini to Jason Magee.

7. The cloud-based software provider achieved an annual revenue run rate of $100 million somewhere between 2017 and 2018. The firm,  founded in 2009, develops ERP and PSA capabilities for the cloud ecosystem. Investors include Advent International, Salesforce Ventures and Technology Crossover Ventures. The company has more than 1,200 customers in 23 countries and users in 47 countries, according to a company FAQ — though we don’t know if the figure is current. Only a portion of the customer base involves IT service providers.

8. HarmonyPSA: Based in London, HarmonyPSA is a niche (but growing) provider in the PSA market — and don’t underestimate the firm. The company has customers across 15 countries. And SolarWinds MSP veteran Alistair Forbes is listed as chairman.

9. Karisoft: The company’s founders are IT service provider veterans who ultimately wanted to build a better mouse trap in the PSA market. Karisoft’s flagship offering, IT Pro Dashboard, specifically targets IT service providers. Still, the company’s blog hasn’t been updated since January 2017.

10. Kaseya Business Management Solution (BMS): Kaseya extended beyond RMM in 2015 and acquired Vorex, a niche supplier of PSA. Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola since that time has restored the company to growth mode. The business in May 2019 raised $500 million for more acquisitions. And during a conference keynote, Voccola vowed to ensure the company created more workflow integrations between Kaseya RMM, BMS and the company’s other IT management tools. Overall, Kaseya has momentum. Still, the BMS offering has a significantly smaller installed base when compared to the company’s flagship RRM software, ChannelE2E believes.

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    AJ Gyomber:

    I remember hearing that when the “Cloud” came that many managed service providers would not be needed anymore. I am finding that the cloud has increased complexity in many cases and still requires management. As a result, I think we are seeing more and more companies target our market as it is still growing. I think that is reinforced by the fact that I’ve been in this industry for over 12 years and there are many PSA tools listed here that I have not heard of. I am friendly with quite a few IT companies in New Jersey and the majority use ConnectWise. That being said, I’m very happy to see competition as I feel there is still quite a few areas of improvement needed in our toolset to provide our services to our clients.

    Shawn Butt:

    It is interesting to see how the evolution of the Cloud and Cloud-related Technologies has been organic for the most part. Its a different way of thinking and applying and then left to human creativity on how it can mould it to their own benefit. I might have heard about 3-4 of these vendors in the list but the fact there are many others goes to show that there is still room to add in this segment and we’ve not reached a point of saturation.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Shawn: Thanks for reading ChannelE2E. I think the market “saturation” discussion varies greatly from market to market. When discussing traditional PSA for North American MSPs in the SMB sector, I believe the market is very mature. Much of the growth involves adding new seats to existing MSP installs. The race is on to extend the PSA discussion out to VARs and other types of partners in North America. That’s been an on again/off discussion for about five to seven years. Well, it’s on again. EMEA and Asia, Australia, New Zealand of course are far different discussions — each with its own market maturity.

    James Hatton:

    Hi – great list 🙂
    If you’re ever going to do another, you could consider including Danish PSA platform TimeLog. They’re also primarily focused on the IT sector and have a really smart way of connecting tickets and backlog items to the financial side of running a MSP. Been using them for 5 years and it’s really been an eye opener for us (haven’t used PSA before).

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