Top 25 IT Service Management and Ticketing Cloud Apps

Welcome to page 2, featuring companies ranked 15 to 6 in the Top 25 IT Service Management Apps

15. Vivantio Pro (16): The company has “hundreds” of customers, and some are service providers. But we don’t know if this is a true multi-tenant system for MSPs.

14. HelpMaster (16): The niche company has resellers but we don’t know if service providers consume the platform.

13 Oxygen Help Desk (18): A potential red flag within the rankings… ChannelE2E isn’t sure if this company even exits anymore.

12. BPM Service Desk (19): Yet another option that’s designed more for corporate IT environments.

11. HP Performance Anywhere (20): Actually, we think this has been rebranded as HPE AppPulse.

10. InvGate Service Desk (25): Customers include big name blue chip corporate brands like GE and Nike.

9. SupaTools (28): Most adopters appear to be corporate IT departments.

8. Symphony SUMMIT (28): The company has been building out partner programs for resellers, VARs and MSPs.

7. ManageEngine Service Desk Plus (45): A longstanding player in the corporate IT and IT service provider market.

6. JIRA Service Desk (49): From Atlassian, JIRA Service Desk has about 15,000 IT teams as users worldwide. But most of them are corporate IT employees rather than service providers, ChannelE2E believes.

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