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SolarWinds N-able, ConnectWise Counter LogMeIn Remote Control Technology

The next MSP software showdown involves remote control software and cloud technology, as companies like SolarWinds N-able and ConnectWise counter LogMeIn across the managed services provider (MSP) landscape.

SolarWinds N-able MSP Anywhere, which launched today, is remote control technology based on the recent buyout of BeAnywhere (I don’t think the deal was previously disclosed). Meanwhile, ConnectWise is planning a major ScreenConnect remote control push during the IT Nation 2015 conference in November.

SolarWinds N-able MSP Anywhere is a cloud-based platform that supports Windows, Macs, iOS and Android devices. The remote control software, delivered as a cloud service, is available now on a per month/concurrent technician subscription basis. Pricing is available online, SolarWinds says, though I wonder if the company is keeping pricing close to the vest amid some pricing changes at LogMeIn that rattled partners and customers.

In a similar move, ConnectWise acquired ScreenConnect in February 2015, and it’s safe to expect CEO Arnie Bellini to emphasize the software — integrated with LabTech’s platform — during his IT Nation keynote in November.

MSP Remote Control: No Longer Optional

Remote control technology certainly isn’t new to the MSP market. Most of the major PSA (professional services automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) platform providers either have remote control software or related cloud services at this point, or gain the capability through alliances. Examples include:

  • Autotask Endpoint Management, gained through the CentraStage acquisition (I think…)
  • Continuum, which continues to have an exclusive RMM-remote control relationship with LogMeIn. The relationship has remained strong since its launch in 2013, Continuum tells ChannelE2E.
  • Kaseya offers Kaseya Remote Control, though I don’t know if the technology is home-grown, acquired or OEMed. (Checking.)
  • LogicNow, which continues to have a relationship with Team Viewer.
  • Which ones did I miss?

SolarWinds: Buying… And Selling?

SolarWinds’ buyout of BeAnywhere is especially timely. SolarWinds itself has been the subject of takeover rumors. The company apparently has received unsolicited buyout offers from private equity firms. In response, SolarWinds apparently is giving potential suitors until the end of October to submit potential bids for the company.

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    Kaseya Remote Control is being built in-house. They released it a couple of years back with grand plans to be the only option available via the VSA. They stripped out RDP and announced plans to do away with LiveConnect (their tool to connect and do things behind the scenes without hindering the end-user). No explanation was ever given about the removal of RDP and has been met with lots of animosity. One forum contributor had discovered that RDP wasn’t fully removed and released info on how to unhide the feature. Kaseya patched that so RDP would be hidden again. After a couple of back and forths of revealing & rehiding, that end-user understandably decided to keep the secret to himself for fear of losing RDP entirely.
    We’re also pretty upset about losing LiveConnect in the future without solid plans to replace those features.

    Fortunately, new management has taken a step back and has been speaking to their clients and listening to the responses. On last month’s roadmap call they announced that RDP will be reintroduced with the November release and that they’ll be taking their time to get the next remote management product (Hydra) built right before ripping out
    features. I believe that most of the original development team is gone, but a recent commitment to increase that department supports that plan.

    Side note: The new management team appears to be backing their promises by admitting they have made mistakes in the past and actually addressing our concerns. It’s clear they’re having some issues making the change, but it’s obvious that things are turning around for the better.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Mike: Thanks very much for taking the time to share those insights. (Though I can’t independently confirm the info you shared.) I’ll be sure to ask Kaseya about remote control and other capabilities the next time I speak with the team.

      PS: Mike if you can ever share your identity, even confidentially, my email is [email protected].


    Glenn Holcomb:

    Autotask Endpoint Management has VNC & RDP integration. This year they also rolled out integration with Splashtop for remote access.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Glenn: thanks for the additional points on Autotask.

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