Top 10 ServiceNow Service Provider Partners 2020

ServiceNow in 2019 embarked on a long-term journey to build $1 billion revenue partnerships with multiple IT consulting firms, global systems integrators and other strategic alliance partners.

ServiceNow Senior VP David Parsons

ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott

That big-bet partner strategy started under former CEO John Donahoe, and it continues under new CEO Bill McDermott. Key leaders in the partner effort include David Parsons, a VMware veteran who joined ServiceNow as senior VP, global alliances and channel ecosystem, in October 2018.

Admittedly, there’s a shortage of ServiceNow partners and certified professionals. Many customers are scrambling to find IT service management (ITSM) partners that can deploy the software platform for help desk, HR, cybersecurity and other use cases. And many ServiceNow partners are buying one another to gain scale.

Still, there are giants and boutique experts in the ServiceNow partner system. So, which companies are the top ServiceNow service providers? HFS, a research firm, tackled that question by studying partners based on three criteria:

  1. Candid feedback from customers;
  2. Ability to execute; and
  3. innovation capabilities.

Top 10 ServiceNow Service Provider Partners

Based on that research, HFS says these are the Top 10 ServiceNow service providers heading into. 2020.

1. Accenture:

  • HFS says: Accenture has the “global capability to innovate and deliver with high CSAT.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: Accenture acquired ServiceNow partner Solid Servicision in 2017. Moreover, the consulting firm is one of ServiceNow’s largest ITSM customers.

2. KPMG:

  • HFS says: KPMG is a “trusted advisor with a reputation for delivering innovative solutions.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: KPMG provides implementation services and process consulting along with specialization in IT Infrastructure library process design, process and technology integration, and IT organizational change, the company says.

3. DXC Technology:

  • HFS says: Major player with leading investment in capability.
  • ChannelE2E adds: DXC in August 2019 acquired Syscom, a ServiceNow partner with security operations and ITSM expertise. As of that time, DXC employed roughly 1,000 people focused on ServiceNow, and had completed more than 4,000 implementations of the ITSM platform. Moreover, DXC offers managed IT services for more than 340 ServiceNow instances.

4. EY:

  • HFS says: EY has a “leading ServiceNow practice with a strength in GRC, SecOps, HR, and leveraging broader consulting capabilities.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: EY’s commitment to ServiceNow remains firmly in place amid the EY CEO transition.

5. Infosys:

  • HFS says: Infosys is an “asset-rich provider with extensive ESM and vertical-focused capabilities.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: Infosys has developed an Enterprise Service Management Café that speeds ServiceNow implementations by 40 to 50 percent, the company says.

6. Cognizant:

  • HFS says: Cognizant is a “trusted provider bringing scale and talent to engagements.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: Cognizant has developed ServiceNow-focused offerings that address such areas as ITSM, cybersecurity, DevOps and AI Ops, the company says.

7. HCL:

  • HFS says: HCL is a “global provider leveraging automation to drive efficiency.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: HCL is a ServiceNow managed services partner for ITSM, HR service management, IT operations management and security operations, the company says.

8. Linium:

  • HFS says: Linium is an “established ServiceNow partner with enhanced digital end-to-end enablement capabilities with Ness Digital Engineering.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: Linium, a Ness Digital Engineering Company and IT consulting firm, was a 2019 ServiceNow Americas IT Workflow Partner of the Year.

9. Wipro:

  • HFS says: Wipro has a “strong ITSM heritage with expanding footprint in growth areas.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: Wipro employs over 170,000 people who serve clients in 175+ cities across six continents, though ChannelE2E doesn’t know how many of those employees are ServiceNow certified.

10. IBM:

  • HFS says: IBM is a “global player bringing advanced automation into the service management limelight.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: IBM in November 2018 expanded its ServiceNow partnership to help customers manage IT operations across multiple third-party cloud providers.

ServiceNow Service Provider Partners: More Names to Know

Four additional ServiceNow service provider partners mentioned in the report include:

1. Acorio:

  • HFS says: Acorio is a “boutique” consultancy with “developed assets and IP offering clients considerable business value.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: Acorio is a cloud consultancy focused purely on ServiceNow. Acorio acquired BusinessForward, a Boston-based management consulting firm, in June 2019 to further accelerate its business.

2. Evergreen Systems:

  • HFS says: Evergreen Systems is a “boutique” consultancy “with strong onshore US presence.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: Evergreen is a service management consulting firm for upper mid-market and enterprise-sized firms across the public and private sectors. Key focus areas include IT, HR, Facilities, Legal and Customer Service. The company has developed a ServiceNow Instance Analyzer (EIA). The tool can analyze and evaluate a ServiceNow instance, and clearly identify poor code and deviations from ServiceNow best practices, Evergreen says.

3. Fujitsu:

  • HFS says: Fujitsu has a “strong heritage in ITSM and a strong European delivery capability.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: Fujitsu is a Global Elite ServiceNow partner focused on finance, public retail, manufacturing, healthcare and IT operations management (ITOM) opportunities.

4. Trianz:

  • HFS says: Trianz is a “boutique provider building lasting relationships with clients.”
  • ChannelE2E adds: The company’s ServiceNow focus includes Enterprise Service Management, Security Operations, IT Operation Management, IT Asset Management, Project Portfolio Management, and Human Resources.

MSPs Buying ServiceNow Partners

As ChannelE2E mentioned above, M&A remains a hot trend in the ServiceNow partner market. Some of the buyers are MSP veterans who grew up in the SMB market. For instance, keep a close eye on Fully Managed — which is led by former N-able CEO Mark Scott and backed by former IT Glue CEO Chris Day.

Fully Managed has been a fast-growing ServiceNow partner that offers a multi-tenant SaaS solution to customers and MSPs. Moreover, Fully Managed acquired Lime Collar Group in June 2019 for SecOps and DevOps expertise.

Track all ServiceNow partner news here on ChannelE2E, along with updates from the company’s ServiceNow Knowledge conference for partner and customer news.

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    Brent Conroy:


    The list focuses on service providers that deploy Servicenow for customers. Are you seeing service providers and small business MSPs use Servicenow for their own service desks?

    Joe Panettieri:


    Thanks for your note and readership. I’ve seen a few trends:

    1. ServiceNow is working closely with enterprise-class/enterprise-scale MSPs. Many of those larger MSPs attend the annual ServiceNow Knowledge conference.

    2. ServiceNow appears too busy to focus on small and lower mid-market MSPs. That has created a vacuum in the market, i believe. Companies such as Fully Managed are stepping in to fill that void.

    3. In the higher-end of the SMB market, we are certainly seeing some MSPs embrace ServiceNow within their own businesses. It is a small but growing trend, especially as some MSPs consider M&A rollup strategies that will involve consolidating multiple service desks across multiple regions. I have not seen ServiceNow take steps to accelerate this trend. The MSPs, for the most part, are doing this in a grass roots type of way.

    Let me know if you have additional questions and thanks again for the questions.

    Brent Conroy:

    Joe thank you for the info. Do you think Servicenow will come down market?

    Joe Panettieri:

    Brent: Generally speaking I don’t think ServiceNow has the time or financial model to come downstream. The company is busy building $1 billion revenue relationships with multiple IT consulting firms. That’s a $1 billion relationship PER company — not exactly the realm of the $5M to $10M MSP in the SMB market.

    ServiceNow certainly welcomes those types of smaller MSPs to use its software. But I wouldn’t expect ServiceNow to launch a focused effort to recruit and support such partners.

    Naveen Kulkarni:

    Thanks for the compilation Joe,
    So is this compilation is specific to some country or these are global rankings worldwide?

    Joe Panettieri:

    Naveen: Thanks for your readership and question. The list is based on ServiceNow’s worldwide partner ecosystem.


    Rajesh N:

    Thanks, Joe, for the list of top 10 ServiceNow service provider partners but, any update in this list or among that four additional names that you’ve mentioned? Because I notice that NTT DATA has acquired Acorio and many companies like Infocenter, Aptris, Insource, TEKsystems, Nous Infosystems, Crossfuze, and many more firms have transitioned as ServiceNow’s partners. So, please clarify. Thank you!

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Rajesh: Thanks for your note and readership. The article was current as of July 2020. If/when we post a follow-up, we’ll be sure to include cross-links to alert readers.

    In the meantime, I’m sorry but I have no additional immediate analysis to share. Though I would keep a close eye on ServiceNow partner M&A — which we cover here/


    Robert Demsey:

    for the person who was asking about the ServiceNow MSP offering… I came across one of their provider’s websites Volteo Digital, seems they are global as well.. they have an offering called “SelfDesk” which seems to be an MSP version of ServiceNow only to deploy an IT ServiceDesk. I see they also have an option to purchase directly from their website.. you might want to have a look a it…

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Robert: Thanks for the note and link. Are you associated with Volteo Digital?

    Robert Demsey:

    Hello Joe! they were our implementation partner at the company I worked for… I saw this on their LinkedIn page.

    Andrew K:

    Came across this post and figured I’d provide some updates. I currently work for InSource mentioned above and previously worked for Linium/Ness. As Rajesh N mentions, there’s a lot of consolidation in the partner channel. Aptris mentioned above was acquired by CDW. Roundtower was recently acquired by Ahead. To Joe’s point regarding Servicenow not wanting to go downstream — while it’s true they have tremendous success with commercial and enterprise clients, they have thousands of SMBs using the platform as well as a growing number of MSPs. They have a dedicated Service Provider program and a full staff that addresses that market. As far as a “Top 10” list goes, ServiceNow themselves have a sophisticated partner ranking system that is based off partner’s Product Line Achievements – which is a measure of the number of certified staff they have for each product line, the number of deployments they have performed, and a minimum CSAT rating for those deployments. Although there are 1,000 or so partners, as you drill into each product line, there’s usually only a Top 10-20 for each.

    Michael Lombardo:

    Time for an updated list 🙂

    Joe Panettieri:

    Michael: You’re right. I’ll see if I can pull something together in the days ahead.

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