Lawsuits: iYogi Faces Two Potential Judgments

iYogi, the embattled IT service provider, remains locked in multiple lawsuits and potentially faces key judgments against the company over the next few weeks.

Indeed two separate cases…

1. Onecall is seeking a summary judgment in its $376,000 lawsuit against iYogi, according to a July 8 legal filing that ChannelE2E viewed. As of June 23, Onecall and iYogi also were exploring settlement negotiations, according to a separate legal filing ChannelE2E viewed. OneCall filed the suit in February 2016, alleging breach of contract against the remote IT help desk provider.

2. Tata Communications (America) Inc. is seeking a default judgment in its $1.154 million lawsuit against iYogi, according to a July 7 court filing that ChannelE2E viewed. Tata filed the suit in March 2016, alleging that iYogi failed to pay numerous telecom invoices.

iYogi’s Legal Troubles, Lawsuits

iYogi is a venture-backed remote help desk provider that claims to support over 3 million users in 11 countries. However, numerous organizations and businesses have filed suit against the company over the past year — alleging break of contract, nonpayment of services and other issues.

Some consumers, meanwhile, allege that iYogi has failed to fulfill IT support contracts. Dozens of readers have posted comments on ChannelE2E, alleging that they either can’t reach the company or have been re-routed to other service providers — some of which have used upsell and cross-sell tactics.

Rumors of a potential class action lawsuit have also surfaced against the company, though ChannelE2E has not seen any legal filings in that area.

iYogi in December 2015 denied any wronging in a lawsuit filed by the State of Washington, but the IT service provider has not commented publicly on the various suits since that time. The company has not replied to ChannelE2E’s multiple requests for comments.


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    I wondered why iYogi wasn’t hounding me lately to purchase more contractural time, etc. They are/were the worst hard-sale folks I’ve encountered and of course, I have time left on the contract that will not be fulfilled apparently. I can’t say I’m sorry to see them go but it would be nice to join in any lawsuit once the information becomes available. Even though they had computer knowledge it normally wasn’t worth the effort to go through all the rhetoric to feel the benefits. I’m wondering if my accounts are safe since I’ve paid with a credit card each time and they no doubt have that on file? Thank you for any information and assistance in this matter.


    I feel you I have been fighting to get my p.c. fixed for the last 5 days. I got threw a couple times but the had me wait so long and then they just stopped answering my questions and disconnected from my p.c. all together. They also got me in a contract until 2019 which I will not receive any help for I’m sure. I to would like to know if any one has any knew knowledge on how to contact them or get any money back from them.


    I have something to add to this – today i got a call from someone posing as a iyogi support person telling me it was time for a tuneup. i fell for it because he had my account number and phone number. Hi took remote access – told ran a utility -showed me that i had 2000 threats on my computer – then suggesting i buy a different support company that is ‘so reliable… bla bla bla. I said no – he hung up and then i went to restart my computer and it had all sorts of error messages

    the company he was pushing is called – sd pc I looked at their website and it isn’t even professional looking. the scam was to mess up my computer, make me afraid of yogi – and force me to find someone to fix my issues.

    Low and behold, i was able to get a hold of iyog – spent about 2 1/2 hours on remote support and they fixed my issue

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