Lawsuit: Plaintiff Alleges iYogi Doctored Deposition

Concentrix’s lawsuit against iYogi, the embattled IT service provider and remote support specialist, has taken a controversial twist. Indeed, the plaintiff claims iYogi doctored an unofficial deposition related to the case.

In a letter dated July 28, Concentrix’s legal team alleges that iYogi has gone silent for more than two months after the plaintiff raised concerns about a deposition in the case. At one point in the letter, Concentrix’s legal representation states:

“more than two (2) months since the [May] deposition, and one (1) month since our [June] conference, we have only received a copy of the conspicuously doctored “unofficial” transcript of said deposition and have still not received either the audio recording or the official written transcript of said deposition.”

ChannelE2E could not reach iYogi for comment about the allegation.

Concentrix Corp., a division of Synnex, originally filed suit against iYogi in April 2015. Concentrix alleges iYogi owed the company $4.1 million plus interest for certain computer and technical support services in India.

iYogi faces a range of lawsuits alleging that the IT service provider violated contracts.

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    Anne Drobnitch:

    There are a bunch of (perhaps) former employees of IYOGI that now have customer information and are making telephone calls to IYOGI customers. They ask you to get in front of your computer, and proceed to hack into your system, and, if they can, your bank account. Beware, because these phone calls come as “unknown.”


    Re people who phone about technical support and try to defraud: this is a known and long-standing practice, see the Wikipedia article on the “Technical support scam”; I don’t see any reason to think iYogi or its employees are behind it (even if they name iYogi, though I’d expect them to name a prestigious company, Microsoft is a favourite). They phone people at random, or if they are on some list that they have got hold of – they might have a list of iYogi customers.

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