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Kaseya Veteran Launches Mac OS Managed Services Platform

scorecard-addigyWhen it comes to managed services and RMM (remote monitoring and management) software, Mac OS support typically is a laggard. Yes, many RMM tools have gradually gained some Mac OS management capabilities. But Addigy — an emerging RMM provider — is betting the entire business on Mac OS.

Addigy founder and CEO Jason Dettbarn previously held a range of positions at Kaseya, which made its mark providing a range of IT automation tools to MSPs and midmarket businesses.

“Current software vendors are really not supporting Macs to any real degree close to PCs,” Dettbarn insists. “Even though we @Addigy know the MSP landscape well, we are continually surprised at how many Mac-only MSPs exist or develop.  More importantly, nearly all MSPs (without trying) inherit ~10% Macs in their portfolio.  With their current RMM platforms, MSPs are only delivering on-demand remote control, and these assets are typically owned by the C-level execs at their customers… the ones who should be receiving the highest level of service.”

Jason DettbarnBy focusing on the Mac market, Dettbarn says MSPs can escape from commodity PC support pricing, while also shifting marketing and lead generation campaigns toward Apple’s customer base — where support offerings are fewer and far between.

Addigy isn’t alone in its mindset. I first spotted a few MSPs focused on the Mac market back in 2009. Names to know include Forget Computers in Chicago — though I don’t know what platforms and tools they currently use to remotely maintain customers’ Mac systems. Ironically, former Kaseya CEO Gerald Blackie also is focusing his latest company — Pilixo — on some Mac management capabilities as part of a larger Internet of Things platform buildout.

Of course, I’ve got plenty of questions for Addigy. In particular:

  • What Mac-centric support capabilities does Addigy offer?
  • How much does it cost MSPs?
  • And how does Addigy plan to scale its business to support MSPs?
  • Are MSPs willing to run two RMM platforms — one for Mac OS, and one for all other mobile and desktop devices?

Dettbarn and I expect to connect in the next few weeks to tackle those questions … and more.

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    Steve Smith:

    A very welcomed solution, I am struggling with my current tools when it comes to Mac management and I see Addigy as the perfect solution to manage my 50 Macs.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks for reading ChannelE2E. Can you shed any more light on your situation?
      – Are the 50 Macs in your own company — or are you managing the 50 Macs for your customer base?
      – What tools are you currently using, what are the shortcomings and how might Addigy be a better approach?

      Thanks for any insights you can potentially share.

    Chip Reaves:

    I think it’s a needed solution, but their market is incremental – right now our MSP manages 20-30 Macs across our client base using Continuum as our RMM platform. The RMM tools provided for Macs are definitely subpar compared to the PC versions, but at the same time Macs are less likely to have the types of problems (particularly virus & security updates) that make the RMM monitoring worthwhile.

    For an upscale, Mac-focused MSP I can see this being a great tool. For the rest of us Addigy will have to convince us the cost (and the administrative hassle of using two tools) is worth the incremental improvement in RMM benefits.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Chip: Always great to hear from you. Thanks for painting a clear picture of what you’re seeing in this market. Let me know if you are attending Continuum Navigate (I’ll be there). Also, let me know if you test Addigy. Would love to hear how things play out.


      Jason Dettbarn:

      Hi Chip, and you are spot on! We see this being incremental for the majority of MSPs, but many are focusing much more heavily on actively acquiring and evolving the Mac services portfolio. Other MSPs are scrambling to find a tool once a decent size Mac deal comes to them.

      We struggled with the question of Admins having to justify leveraging yet-another-platform, and we decided that there is room for addressing the Mac needs with an extremely intuitive/consumerized platform. We all love intuitive, yet powerful platforms in the consumer space, but nobody in IT RMM provides an experience and UI to fall in love with. Instead, most platforms leave the burden on the admins to configure and work for the platform, instead of the platform working for the admin… I know this sounds rather elusive, but we put insane hours into this. We would love to give you a quick 30 min demo of the product, or better yet try it cold-turkey in a trial… you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

      Thanks for your feedback Chip,
      –Jason Dettbarn

        Joe Panettieri:

        Hey Jason: Thank you so much for looping back into this conversation and shedding more light on your strategy. This is exactly what our comment board is set up to do.

    Joe Panettieri:

    This just in: It might be time for ChannelE2E to take another look at Addigy… Hmmm…

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