iYogi, OneCall Discuss Potential Lawsuit Settlement

iYogi and OneCall Ltd. have been discussing a potential settlement in OneCall’s breach of contract lawsuit against the remote IT services provider, ChannelE2E has learned.

An April 4 letter from OneCall’s attorney to the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, disclosed the settlement discussions. ChannelE2E has viewed the letter. However, it’s unclear where the iYogi-OneCall settlement discussions stand. And we don’t know if iYogi is pursuing settlement discussions in additional lawsuits against the beleaguered remote support provider.

In recent months, iYogi has been the target of numerous lawsuits, including:

  • 2015Washington State and Argo Marketing each filed suit against the company for various alleged violations.
  • Feb. 2, 2016: OneCall alleged breach of contract and is seeking $375,583 from the company.
  • Feb. 18, 2016: Bankers Warranty Group alleged breach of contract, breach of implied duty of good faith and fair dealing, intentional misrepresentation, quantum meruit, and unjust enrichment. The company is seeking judgment against iYogi for at least $238,791 plus various fees.
  • March 14, 2016: Tata Communications  (America) Inc. alleged that iYogi failed to pay numerous telecom invoices. As of January 10, 2016, iYogi owed Tata $1.154 million plus late charges and additional fees, the service provider alleged. Tata is seeking to recover that figure and various fees.

iYogi in December 2015 said the Washington State lawsuit was false and baseless. The remote service provider has since gone silent on the matter. The company has not responded to numerous requests for comment from ChannelE2E.

Meanwhile, dozens of ChannelE2E readers allege that iYogi’s remote support services have declined or stopped in recent months. Glassdoor, a company ratings website, contains numerous postings from alleged employees who say they didn’t receive paychecks for services rendered.

Several sources indicate that some iYogi customers may pursue a class action lawsuit against the company for non-performance of services.

iYogi positions itself as an instant tech support provider for a range of diagnosis, repair, installation and security services.

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    Joe, please keep us informed about a lawsuit. I certainly want to join. After being promised I would receive my refund in a few days about 10 times, I’ve given up. I went to their customer service chat this morning and it says Bomgar is no longer servicing iYogi, so the chat is closed. What are customers’ options on recouping our money other than a lawsuit? It doesn’t seem fair or legal that they can just walk away with the money, in my case, $389.99. Remember when iYogi’s motto used to be “Good Karma”? They don’t use that anymore. I guess Vishal Dhar has enough problems.

    Hector Castelo:

    l was ripped off of $230 for services iYogi has never provided for me. They even called me after to try and get me to buy more services. I’ll be glad to participate in any class action lawsuit filed.

    jerome ramos:

    I also have a multi year support plan with iyogi & would like to be part of a lawsuit if that develops. I paid them $399.99 on 2/12/14 for 3 yrs of coverage and as of ~ 5/1/16 no longer am able to contact them (by reading others notes I may have not been able to contact them for a longer period of time than that, but just was not aware of it…!!!). The software on my computer that used to allow instant support no longer loads up & as such they are no longer honoring the contract. Please contact me at my e-mail if there are follow-on actions that will lead to my re-imbursement.

    Ujjwal Kumar:

    Hi All,

    iYogi is no more supporting its loyal customers, just minting money by talking them into baseless and fake sales.

    Sharon Wild:

    I too have not been able to contact iYogi. They did an auto response in email and said they would contact me in 48 hours which has long passed. They were excellent help but if I can’t contact them I would also like a refund.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Folks: A quick confirmation that we (A) continue to monitor our comment boards as readers share thoughts on iYogi and (B) we continue to track pending lawsuits against the company. For our latest coverage updates, just search the term iYogi in our home page search window. We strive to offer iYogi equal time and the opportunity to comment on all coverage, but the company has yet to respond to our inquiries as of May 31, 2016.

    Leslie Hodgson:

    want to join the lawsuit. I have a paid contract to IYOGI in the amount of $ 379.99 to run to June, 2019;

    Website: http://www.iYogi.com/ Reference no.: 39332340
    Payment method:
    Date/time: 2015-06-02 20:19:49
    Order General Total: 379.99 USD

    This weekend I was DISCOVERED the worm loob.afce on my laptop and found lapses in security going back serveral month and to my displeasure, after finally making contact with IYOGI personnel found all IYOGI would do is refer me to another company which required another fee as tIYOGI acknowledge they are no longer providing support. I inquired about refund of balance of the contract and was told agent knew nothing about refunds but would connect me with other company. How do I go about being included?

    Mindy Scheel:

    After reading all the emails, I would also like to be added to any potential lawsuits against Iyogi. Please keep my email and add me to your list of angry and abused customers of Iyogi.

    Lisa Malik:

    I have also been a long time customer of IYogi and have made payments for services not yet rendered. I have called various numbers: some want me to sign up with them, or there is no answer. Meanwhile its seems my security and ID protection are not working. Today I got a call from “IYogi” saying they have cleared the lawsuit and are back in business and want to check my computer for free. Said no but here is that 1-800-765 2408.

    Graham Klinefelter:

    there is not enough time and space to list all the problems I have had with Iyogi . but the last time , I called with a working computer . Just wanted it cleaned up as a part of the contract. then my computer would not work at all . this was during the part that they start gearing up to sell something . I said I just want it serviced . you think they are staring to work but in fact they are going to screens to show charges , anyway I was told the computer is useless until they install some program and it cost 699.99 . after that cannot reach them .


    I tried to contact iYogi today (about the MS Office 2013 Home and Student app) that I purchased through them in July/Aug. 2014.

    I have misplaced the card w/ the Registration Key on it. Contacted Microsoft (after researching how to re-install the program-in the event that I need to do that) – found out I didn’t need the registration key. However, MS told me that there was no download of this program associated with my MS account, like my research told me there should be.

    Hence, my attempt at contacting iYogi. Found out that they no longer have “week-end” business hours. Google searched another contact support # and this lead me to somebody called Tech-Club, based out of TX. Spoke w/ some E. Indian guy, who informed me they (iYogi) were outta business–that the calls for tech-support for iYogi were being diverted to them, which of course made me suspicious.

    But, they were right about one thing: the techGenie anti-virus program I have installed on my computer IS NO LONGER WORKING. Who know how long it’s been like that?

    That’s the long and the short of it. I have at least 250-300 bucks in pre-paid tech-support that I would have coming back. I’d be like really interested in being informed about any compensation I would have coming back from these slim-balls.

    joe navin:

    I also would like to be part of any attempt to get refunds from iyogi. I have 3 1/2 years left on the iyogi subscription and I hand 1 1/2 years of total defense anti virus I had paid for that the company switched from iyogi and wont refund iyogi work. they left my computer totally open and unprotected for month. everything stopped working that they had put on my computer.i tried to get ahold of someone but no one answers the phones nor due they answer any chats.i also believe some of their techs are continuing to call telling me they need to get into my computer to give me a refund which is totally untrue.they sound like the same indian techs for iyogi.


    Let me clear the things which are going with iyogi

    IY have not paid salary to thier employes since last 5 months and above to TL,mngr more than a year so you can think from the employe point of view and about their customer so iy is not willing to provide any support,if u by mistake call on number given on iy website then u will get in to big trouble,that call will land to TECH CLUB which is the part of iy but not known to anyone and they will say that iy has been shut off and you need to pay and the good thing is that customers are paying but if you will go through chat options through website then you might get a tech from iyogi the one who is very helpless so wht he will help to others so for now this comp is just bulshit and good karma means HELL


    hi I also have paid for a subscription that I cannot attain nor can I get service from them
    I asked the supervisor to type the following tex on my pc so that I would not be cheated by them and this is the text the amount I paid and the term of contract I guess I have lost it all now
    supervisors text
    ( Total of 8 computers would be subscribed with iYogi

    Current subscription –
    iYogi SOHO 3 Year Plan- {4 computers}
    Subscription ID: L101469354
    Activation Date: 7 April 2014
    Expiration Date: 6 April 2017

    iYogi Exclusive FDS Plan – (3 Computers + 2 hand held devices) however- as per your request , we would be providing support for 4 computers instead of 3 computers and the 2 hand held devices would be nullified

    Activation Date: 8 Aug 2015
    Expiration Date: 7 Aug 2020
    Amount – 414.48
    confirmation – no – 2015102517107379
    subhankar saha
    will report supervisor and have the phone call listened to

    that was typed on my pc by their supervisor, at my request because they had lied to me so many time b4


    Received a call requesting to update my computer – I told them to call me back later. x3 other calls came in stating that they have gone out of business and needed to refund me my payment. They all wanted access to my computer. I asked that they call me later. Later they returned my call but to “update” my computer – when I asked about the refund/going out of business I was transferred, told they would look into it and hung up on. I did get a hold of I-yogi at 1-800-765-2408, and asked for a refund. I was transferred several times to different people in the same room and was told that for a refund I pay 79.99 then I can have a refund then hung up on. Repeated this process x4 times, the last one the guy recognized my voice and just hung up on me. Would love to be in on the class action if there is one. Signed up on 4/29/15 for a 5 year contract. OUT $479.99, for 1 year service.


    Please add me to your lawsuit.

    Evelyne marshall:

    They keep calling to ask me to get on my computer so that they can optimize it. I have a contract($379) that expires 1/2019. I guess it is good that I have been out of pocket when they called! What would they benefit by accessing my computer? The whole thing is sounding nefarious…. what is to be done?

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Folks: To summarize the comments above and ChannelE2E’s reporting…
    1. Several lawsuits against iYogi had reached default judgments as of December 31, 2016. That means iYogi has been ordered to pay plaintiffs in multiple cases.
    2. Scores of ChannelE2E readers have communicated alleged concerns about iYogi’s business practices.
    3. iYogi has been non-responsive to ChannelE2E’s requests for comment.
    4. Comments on this blog entry are now closed. If you have additional questions/comments/updates about iYogi please email me.

    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E
    [email protected]