iYogi IT Services Lawsuit: State of Washington Awaits Response

The State of Washington’s Attorney General has served iYogi with a lawsuit announced in December, but the state has not yet received an answer to the complaint, ChannelE2E has confirmed.

Updated March 18, 2016, 7:45 p.m. ET: Tata Communications, Bankers Warranty Group, OneCall sue iYogi.

Original March 3 Report Continues Here:

“We have served the corporate defendant (iYogi) with our lawsuit, but have not yet received an Answer to our complaint (due by the end of March),” a spokesman for Washington State Attorney General’s Office told ChannelE2E. “We continue in our efforts to serve process on Vishal Dhar individually, using all means at our disposal.”

Vishal Dhar is co-founder and president of marketing of iYogi. The IT support desk service provider has attracted two lawsuits in recent months, which claim iYogi scams consumers and fails to fulfill business partnerships. In response to the controversy, iYogi in December 2015 maintained that the company offers reputable report IT support services that millions of consumers and businesses depend upon.

More recently, ChannelE2E readers have alleged that iYogi has been cutting IT services and non-responsive to customer inquiries, and may even be winding down its business. The State of Washington’s Attorney General’s office could not independently confirm those claims.

iYogi’s website was offline on March 2, 2016, but back online the following day. ChannelE2E has reached out to Garima Misra Punia, iYogi’s VP of marketing and communications, requesting a status update on the company’s business and legal response.

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    saul stockhamer:

    I have a contract. Is iyogi still available by phone

    John Aleman:

    I am having computer problems and can not get ahold of Iyoga.

    Fanny Rodriguez:

    I could not get hold of Iyogi for about 2 months, now they call me and want to press me to renew my service. Bad company.

      c mynatt:

      I was told by IYOGI a few months ago that they will never call you/me, the people making the calls are scammers, trying to get in you computer and money


    Hi, Try getting them through live help option in your support dock, Getting them by phone is difficult or do chat session with them by going on there website. this way you will get it, Iyogi is not a bad company just that they do not have a proper workforce left as of now, Because of financial crisis. Iyogi is one of the best company is tech support when comes to knowledge and computer repairs.

    Lona Metzner:

    I have had an account with iyogi technical support company since February 2013. They will not serve me when I reach them on live help – because I will not buy other products – they simply click live help off and I get the option to rate the technician 1 to 10. The last time I purchased an item, the technicial told me it was the last thing I would ever need to purchase. One of the technicians sold me word 2016, when I upgraded to Windows 10, – he told my computer would not work without it. But it never arrived in the mail, as it was supposed to do. It took me eight months to get my refund of 198.99, and that only happened after my degrading analysis of the company so angered the technician. My contract goes through 2020, but I can’t get any service, since I say no when they try to sell me new products. I would be interested in joining in a class action lawsuit against iyogi.

    Lee Martin:

    I would also join any class action suit against iYogi. They are impossible to deal with. I paid for 1 year service in Feb. 2016.
    They are never available to service my computer and getting through to them (with number suggested is a total nightmare. 1-866-714-4445. I STILL HAVE MONTHS TO GO ON MY SERVICE

    I have been with this company since 2013, and in the beginning they could not help me out enough. They were courteous, and did help, but since they got to be a larger company….THEY ARE HORRIBLE. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT!!!!! I will be happy to see this company close down and will be happy to help that happen. They are very disreputable.


    will we get our money back, ? i think to “new ” company they are wanting us to buy into , is Iyogi… using another name… the guy who was trying to force me to buy the new service , even told me he was an iyogi tech… TRUST01………


    I have been an iyogi customer for many years and over the last 12 months have had difficulty contacting them and when i do get some one have been routed to what I believe is real scam company wanting me to buy a contract from them ( I did not). Finally I gave up removed all software and went with the geek squad at Best Buy. However, yesterday I received a call from iyogi saying they are refunding customers based on a deal with the US Gov. is this a scam?

    C. Timlick:

    I too purchased a subscription through Iyogi=, and the subscription is good until November 2017.

    I was informed that they are out of business. I like to have my money back


    1800-765-2408 is working. However unable to talk to them long enough without transfer or sudden disconnect when requesting refund or status of service. I have(had) a contract through 2020. If anyone know of anyway to get $$ back or lawsuit please let me know.

    Pamela Alksne:

    I tried to call again yesterday. Connected to a technician who said I would have to pay $135 to service my computer. I have a contract for a few more years as I paid ahead. I am sorry to hear of the pending lawsuits as I really liked this company and feel I was treated well over the years although being pressured to purchase other items from iYogi was frustrating. Will we be getting refunds, do we need to sign up to be included in the lawsuit or wait to be notified? I have not received correspondence from anyone.


    I had a 5-year contract with iYogi that was supposed to last from May 2015 till May 2020. I paid $380 for the 5 years plus $80 for “Optimizer” service (for a total of $460). They helped me for 5 months with tech support. The agents were not only helpful but also personable (one played me East Indian music over the phone). But in December of 2015 they suddenly went out of business and I was unable to contact them. For 2 months I phoned everyday but no-one answered their phones. I finally gave up. But lately I have been getting nuisance phone calls from iYogi twice a day. I have tried blocking the phone calls but iYogi seems to have an unlimited number of phone numbers they can use. When they phone, the call display reads “Unavailable” phone number (they do not want you to know who is calling). Now I don’t trust them any farther than I could throw a grand piano. The man who constantly phones is very aggressive and annoying. Usually I don’t answer the phone. But the next time he phones, I will be rude to him and hang up. They deserve nothing less. It is a boiler room scam. Unfortunately I have lost my money. But it will be worth it not to deal with their annoying phone calls every day.


    I had iyogi call me and said they are going out of business and need to refund my money. They asked me how much I purchased from them, it was about $480.00. They wanted me to access my bank account so they could put the money in. I said I am not comfortable with that. They asked me to type in my amount and I put 480.00. he said we do not need any decimals. so I put 480 then I noticed another 0 was put on the screen and he told me that anything I put down he cannot change and he was frantic that they deposited 4800 into my bank account. I told him I did not do it. He said I need to access my account as he will get fired if he put that much in. I thought “your going backup so getting fired won’t worry”. I then got my cell phone and told him that the money was not put in. he was surprised I did that. I told him to call me tomorrow. is this a scam?

    Mike Ryan:

    I got a number of calls from some tech at phone number 1-800-765-2408 who first said they were from I-Yogi, and then when I told them that I now use Geek Squad called and said they were from Geek Squad and needed to optimize my computer. All the calls were very odd. The callers were not clear and hard to understand. They were very persistent that I go to my computer and let them optimize the computer. In the meantime, I had GeekSquad on-line doing a sweep and optimization that I initiated and the callers from 1-800-765-2408 called back again saying they were from GeekSquad – and said the people I had on-line from GeekSquad were scammers, and I should listen to them, quit the download, and have them do optimize for me. Wow….what a day. Highly suggest GeekSquad. Not I-Yogi.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Mike, Readers: Lots of folks have asked me if iYogi still exists. I have reached out to the company multiple times but received no reply. I’m closing the comments section here. But you can reach me directly if you have updates to share: Joe [at] AfterNines [dot] com