iYogi Defense Attorneys Withdraw From Legal Case

Apparently, even iYogi’s own attorneys find it difficult to work with the embattled IT services provider. Indeed, a defense team representing iYogi in the lawsuit filed by Tata Communications has withdrawn from the case. The reason? iYogi allegedly failed to cooperate with its own defense team, according to legal documents viewed by ChannelE2E.

In an August 22 motion, the law firm of PilieroMazza PLLC respectfully asked to withdraw from the Tata vs iYogi case. The motion stated:

“It was anticipated that…information would be exchanged between counsel and iYogi with regard to the underlying case and that the terms of the representation would be met, which would enable counsel to proceed effectively on iYogi’s behalf. Regrettably, the foregoing anticipated steps have not be taken, which has rendered the relationship between counsel and iYogi untenable and has adversely affected counsel’s ability to effectively and zealously represent its client.”

A judge in the case granted the motion, allowing PilieroMazza PLLC to walk away from the case. iYogi now has until Sept. 1, 2016, to file any objections to a pending judgment against the company. Tata is seeking a default judgment in its $1.154 million case against iYogi.

iYogi’s Legal Troubles

iYogi is a venture-backed remote help desk provider that claims to support over 3 million users in 11 countries. However, numerous organizations and businesses have filed suit against the company over the past year — alleging breach of contract, nonpayment of services and other issues.

The state of Washington has been particularly vocal — as has Microsoft, which alleges iYogi commits fraud to push IT services and various fees onto unsuspecting consumers.

iYogi in December 2015 said the allegations were without merit but has since not commented on the lawsuits. ChannelE2E has reached out to the company numerous times for comment but never received a reply.

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    Iyogi’s virus protection Tech Genie which I have had for several years has been “partially” out of commission for over two weeks now. It will not update. It will not scan for viruses. It does state that it “is running”. I have been told on three separate occasions via their chat line on 1mb.com that this will be operable in 2 days, 4 days, and last night I was told 2 days again. Very frustrating, but I along with many other of your commentators have paid previously for extended service that we expected to last into the next two to three years. This just seems to be more evidence of problems with Iyogi. The “good news” here is that it has not taken long to reach a technician and that they have been responsive. The second time I called, I could not get Tech Genie to open and no antivirus protection. They did rectify this. Thank you for your very valuable newsletter.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Thomas: Thanks for the describing the alleged Tech Genie issues to ChannelE2E and our readers. Sorry to hear you’ve experienced those issues, but we appreciate the updates you and other readers continue to provide us — especially as we track the iYogi legal cases through the court systems.

      Diana Presser:

      I suppose it’s reassuring to know that it’s not just “my PC”, or IPS failure: on the other hand, I’m lucky I obtained a free 30-day trial of AVG virus protection, as I had no updates since 8/8/16. Like you (and likely others), I was assured the server is working, or will be in any time from 48 hrs. to end of the week. NOTHING.

      But wait, I had gotten a call on about 8/9/16 from a scammer posing as IYogi rep: premised on updating my virus program, and after an hour (and MANY red flags) later, this “IYogi” scammer, managed to get me to scan my driver’s license and one of my credit cards, allegedly for the $1.99 update charge. I was completely uncomfortable (with my own stupidity as well as their pushiness) — end of story: under the name “webpay” they tried to charge $1,835 on almost all of my credit cards. Luckily, I had replaced all of the cards (which had excellent fraud protection).

      The following two weeks entailed filing a police report, changing ALL my passwords and these scammers had the unmitigated gaul to keep calling — THIS time I just hung up because I had reported this to IYogi and they assured me they never call us; although sometimes I had gotten calls from “marketing” or “accounting”.

      Good luck all.

    Bernard Plost:

    I keep receiving phone calls from India saying they are iyogi. I am sort of afraid to let them into my computer. is iyoghi still in business? would it be wise to let them work on my computer? thanks in advance for your assistance. bp

      Diana Presser:

      Read my recent post — ME TOO

    Diana Presser:

    By the way, some of these calls came from nos. in Kansas and Florida???

    Reinaldo Armas:

    iYogi is TECHCLUB…. This new scam (Techclub) is running under the same con artists Vishal Dhar and Udhayan Challu.
    Rich and Stupid: the domain techclub was registered by Visjal Dhar and owned by iYogi until today when they realized they are under the FBI/Interpol investigation and they changed it. Godaddy has all the records of those changes.

    TJ Pittman:

    It would appear that we are all on the same sinking boat and there is no iYogi life rings to be thrown to us. I have a laptop that I thought was protected by Tech Genie however, it is now useless. I’m not sure if a virus got though or something else occurred. If you have Tech Genie get a new virus protection program quickly because it is no longer effective.


    Hi my name is Sam , i live in Australia . About 8 years ago being an Avast antivirus paid user i had some issues with Avast
    i needed support from them so called them . I got an indian man answere my call he said let me go ahead and have a look at your pc remotely to fix it . So i gave him the authority to do that . when he logged on he went into my run folder and typed temp and % temp he showed me how many filles that were neede to be deleted and said if i don’t then it woul;d slow my pc and allternatly destroy my pc . it hadn’t yet accured to me that i should be talking about Avast so i thought it was part of the service that Avast did.so i said ok lets do it .. He then said look it will cost you $350for one pc for three years as soon as he said that i smelt a rat , but i liked what he promised that i could have remote service for 3 years . I was told then the company was IYOGI
    and at anytime i could click on their live help link for imidiate service .. Now to be fair initially they were quite good , though i don’t like how pushy they were to make me join . so i paid they serviced my pc and i was happy he also fixed my Avast . Ok so far so good . A few moths went by i told my sister of this service so she also joined them i was proactive for them got them lots of people my best mate also joined them after i told him and showed him what they did . So the next time while my sister was with me she got them online on her labtop while we were speking to him my sisters phone died but we could still communicate through chat so we told him he said you can call me using your mobile and its free on this phone no he gave me the number ,so i called it . my sister being a little wiser that me said to him are you sure that its free he said yes mam its absolutely free again my sister persistanly sked are you sure because my brother is using his mobile phone , . He said yes mam don’t worry its free so i was relieved . we partialy spoke by text and some on my phone .finally two weeks later my service provider 3 which is now called Vodafone sent me a bill of $500.00 i was furious so si called them and it went backward and farward . my sister has a home load buissness and is well educatedin matters like this so she took control of the situation they told her they had esculated the problem and a manager would call her back but it went on fro ages we called them again and again but nothing they kept on telling us the same thing every time . we are sorry madam about what happened and we have esculated the issue sorry we didn’t call you back but this time we will .. and it went on my sister threatened to cancel the contract . and they got very upset and hanh up on her . everytime taking about 1 hour for them to respond . finally i thought just cut you losses and forget about it . so i did Now i still have them on my pc and we had the persons name we spoke to etc
    i still liked there service and went on with them for a futher 7 or so years and am still with them . But have learnt how to deal with them everytime i call them they try and sell me something new my using scare tactics to make me buy something new i spent about $ 3000.00 maybe more they sighned me up to a soho plan that was suppose to give me a higher lvl technition , only to later find out that they were just lvl 2 technition which i found out later from one of their own techies . he said thewre is no difference between them and me I’m a lvl 2 techy . So ii said then why did they charge me a futher $500.00 extra for the so called supposed higher lvl techy ? he said sometimes you may get a lvl one techy .. so i said i paid all that extra money for nothing . He was quiet and didn’t say anything but he was honest .. i was glad he was honest while still yet being angry at the way they deceived me . Everytime i call they want to sell me something , what i hated most of all the lies and deceptions they sold me to purchase their products.only recently even while the court case against them was still ongoing they told me that i had to purchase a win 10 update to secure and get my pc working it cost me $ 99.00 , I still don’t know what they sold me and even if it was truly neede .. i still would like this company to advance but i would like somone to be watching over them to make them comply with the right way of service I’m a little long winded but i hope i can shed a little truth on the IYOGI as a whole . they could have had a fantastic company and no-one could have given the same quality of service as they give IF ONLY THEY HAD BEEN HONEST ( GOD ID WATCHING YOU IYOGI ) AND NO I DONT WANT YOU GOOD KARMA . I’m truly not being nasty , i don’t wich bad for anyone but what you sow you reap make your wrong right and everyone will jump on board of trith thank you

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