Itopia: Google Cloud Workspace-as-a-Service Partner

Itopia is now a Google Cloud workspace-as-a-service (WaaS) partner. The company announced the relationship at this week’s Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco.

The Google Cloud partnership offers mid-market and enterprise users “zero capital expense and the industry’s lowest cost of deployment by 50 percent,” according to a prepared itopia statement. The company also indicated the partnership allows channel partners to use the itopia WaaS platform to automatically discover an IT ecosystem and migrate full stack Windows environments into Google Cloud.

“Think of itopia cloud workspaces as the next generation of VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure),” Itopia CEO Jonathan Lieberman (pictured) said in a press release. “itopia is uniquely positioned to provide channel partners with the means to securely migrate and manage enterprises in Google Cloud in record time and with unparalleled results and manageability.”

A Closer Look at the itopia-Google Cloud Partnership

Lieberman told ChannelE2E that itopia selected Google Cloud after an extensive evaluation of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and other hyper-scale clouds. He pointed out Google Cloud stood out in terms of performance, price and technology.

“[Google Cloud has] the fastest network and lowest latency of any of the providers and charges on a per-minute basis versus the competition that bills per hour, and Google is investing more into its cloud than all of the others combined,” Lieberman said.

According to Lieberman, itopia wants to be an important layer in the solution stack for Windows workspace automation, and the Google Cloud partnership will help his company accomplish this goal.

“We recognize from our IT service provider customers that they want control, choices and the ability to customize. So we’ve responded to that need by building a technology that is an essential layer in WaaS across the entire ecosystem that focuses on IT’s needs and does not limit them in any way, especially now with Google Cloud,” he noted.

Where Does itopia Go from Here?

In 2016, itopia reported channel sales growth of 160 percent year to year, and Lieberman said the company plans to explore ways to extend its channel reach in 2017 and beyond.

“We will continue our laser-like focus on the channel to maintain our leadership position,” Lieberman told ChannelE2E. “In 2017, we will make substantial investments into our channel partners so that the ‘cloud’ becomes the primary driver of new clients and revenue.”

Side note: Itopia claims to be Google Cloud Platform’s first WaaS partner, but that distinction may belong to independenceIT, which has run on Google Compute Engine since 2014. Still, the definition here could be a bit tricky. Itopia could be referring to its Google Cloud partner status. Google has changed its partner program names and designations several times in recent years. -Joe Panettieri 

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    Max Pruger:

    To clarify the “Side Note”. CloudJumper has been offering WaaS in Google since 2014, leveraging, among other things, the IndependenceIT software for provisioning and orchestration.


      Dan Kobialka:

      Hi Max,

      Thanks for the clarification!


        Max Pruger:

        No problem Dan. I think there’s some confusion in the marketplace between what IndependenceIT does and what someone like CloudJumper does. In brief, IndependenceIT is software that provides orchestration and provisioning of infrastructure resources. CloudJumper leverages IndependenceIT (along with a lot of other software) to provide a full turn-key Workspace-as-a-Service solution to our MSP partner channel. In the case of a datacenter like Google, IndependenceIT will certify their software to work on Google, CloudJumper will then come in, layer in all of our additional software, IP and services and deliver a full WaaS solution to our channel (which we several years ago in Google).


    Michael Fraser:

    Great explanation Max. There is even more confusion on what Infinite Ops does.I want to add to these comments, unlike any other proprietary workspace offering out there, Infinite Ops Console is a software platform that orchestrates IT solutions in the public cloud. This includes but not limited to workspaces such as Citrix, RDS, PCoIP, Parallels, etc. We are all about enabling IT through automation, and provide turn-key builds that service providers manage from our console. The IT service provider is in full control of the cloud services and applications, bringing their own cloud subscriptions and software licensing. We are public cloud and IT solution agnostic. So for example if a partner wanted Citrix on Google, they could deploy, but also could deploy for a different client PCoIP desktops on Azure GPU instances. Congrats for this piece Itopia. These are exciting times for everyone in the public cloud arena. 🙂

    Kind Regards,
    Infinite Ops

    Joe Panettieri:

    Michael, Max: Thanks for taking the time to share more perspectives. The following comment is directed at the overall WaaS/hosted desktop/DaaS/VDI/cloud platform/orchestration market rather than you both specifically: It shouldn’t require so much complex jargon to describe a technology’s unique positioning and value to partners and customers.

    Sure, you can say it this way: “How would you like 5GB of solid state storage and two ARM 7-TDMI-delivered CPUs running at 90MHz to help you go digital?”

    Or, you can say it this way: “How would you like to carry 1,000 songs in your pocket?”


    Jonathan Lieberman:

    Thank you all for the comments. We sincerely appreciate the interest and attention from this announcement. To be clear, many companies in the past have worked with Google, but we are proud to be formally recognized today as the first and only official WaaS Google Cloud “Technology Partner” (as will be listed on their directory going live soon). Happy to have a direct dialog with anyone, especially in-person this week at the Google Next event in SF. 🙂 Jonathan (CEO @

      Joe Panettieri:

      Jonathan: Thanks for the clarification and continued updates on itopia.

    Anthony Manzella:

    Zella Technologies has been a Google Cloud Partner for several years and has been on the platform delivering Desktops and WaaS on Google GCE to customers since that point –,  we too will shortly be listed as WaaS Partner.  Zella Technologies delivers a full-service Workspace-as-a-Service solution. The adoption of WaaS has accelerated dramatically over the last several years and we are excited to see such strong demand for solutions in this space as customer migrate to the cloud.  

    Anthony Manzella
    Founder & CEO
    Zella Technologies, LLC.

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