Is iYogi Help Desk Still In Business?

iYogi, the IT support and help desk provider facing lawsuits and backlash from some U.S. customers, may be experiencing deeper business problems.

Original March 2 Story Continues Here: Several sources claiming to be iYogi customers say they can no longer reach the company online and via 1-800 phone lines. Some of the sources claim they have long-term support contracts with iYogi and are pursuing refunds for non-support, but aren’t sure how to seek such recourse.

iYogi Customers Express Concern

Five such sources contacted ChannelE2E, describing their challenges and concerns related to iYogi.

One source alleges that iYogi data lines were cut for non payment of bills, an that has impacted their ability to take calls. “They are riding on a partner’s links to now only service returning customers and try and sell as much as they can to keep the shop going for a few more months,” the source alleges. That source claims iYogi has been working overtime to suppress negative reviews on Google, Glassdoor and other social media sites.

“I, too, have a long term contract with iYogi and now can not reach them,” said another source. “My attempts to call their 800 number are fruitless. I tried to use my access number to connect online and get an error message saying it doesn’t recognize the server. So I can’t use any of their “services.” Is there any recourse available to those of us with long term contracts?”

ChannelE2E continues to search for answers. As of 3:24 p.m. ET on March 2, iYogi’s website was not available. We have not determined whether the web error was an isolated issue, or somehow related to larger problems at the company.

UPDATE, March 3, 2016, 2:00 p.m. ET: iYogi’s website is back online. After reading their media page, we have emailed Garima Misra Punia, VP of marketing and communications, requesting a comment about iYogi’s business status and the allegations above. We will update our coverage if/when we receive a reply.

iYogi: Early Warning Signs?

iYogi’s potential business problems surfaced in December 2015, when Microsoft Corp. expressed concerns about the company, and at least two lawsuits against iYogi surfaced in the United States. One lawsuit alleges that iYogi scams consumers and businesses into buying more IT services than they need. Another lawsuit claims iYogi failed to fulfill a business partnership in Maine.

At the time, iYogi maintained that the company offers reputable report IT support services that millions of consumers and businesses depend upon.

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    Jerry Lampassi:

    I have made attempts to contact iYogi regarding my computer. Is there any word on whether the company is out of business? Please advise.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Jerry: We have reached out to the Attorney General’s office for the State of Washington, which filed suit against iYogi in December 2015 for deceptive business practices. We have asked the Attorney General’s office if they have any updates on iYogi’s business status. If/when we receive a reply I’ll be sure to post another comment and/or post another article.

      In the meantime I recommend readers check in directly with that Attorney General’s office. You’ll find some contact info in this State of Washington here.

      Please let me know if/when you have any additional updates on your own experiences with iYogi.

        Tim Sexton:

        I would also like to cancel my contract with I Yogi but cannot contact them. Any update on how to do this?


          After being told I Yogi went out of business I procured another Tech service. I keep getting phone calls saying it is I Yogi.
          Whether they are just scams or what I don’t know. I am hard put to trust anyone these days. I was told I yogis’ staff were not getting paid and quite a few of them quit. It appears someone got a hold of I yogis’ clients and went out on their own to develop their own tech service. I have received no confirmation about I Yogi being out of business or if I will ever be compensated for my remaining years of my contract with them.
          I also became frustrated with not being able to contact them. On the whole , at least up till a year ago ,I found the service to be good.

        marguerite dowell:

        I have been with Iyogi for several years and in Nov of 2015 renewed my contract through 2020. I am having issues with my pc and am on the phone with what the internet showed was their support contact number 877-770-9246. The person who answered got my account number, excused themselves for a moment and came back on and said that Iyogi was no longer in business. What do I do?

          barbara tingey:

          I also have paid my fees but cannot contact iyogi either by e-mail of phone. I think it was quite a lot of money ut as we could contactm 24/7 it seemed a good idea I have been with them now for 10 years. Barbara

            William G:

            I am unable to reach Iyogi as well. They high pressured me into buying a program in March for $99 which I realized – as soon as I looked at it – wasn’t needed. They also tacked on another $50 fee. I Immediately canceled the program which was through another vendor, but it took three months and numerous emails to get them to refund the $50. Then, strangely, they called me last week to see if I had received the refund and still wanted to cancel my contract. I answered that I had never said to cancel the original contract which has another year to go. I have no idea what is going on there.

          Joe S:

          My call was routed to a third party that tried to hard sell me their service.Silly me. I actually thought they would fix my problem for free


            My friend do not expect..they have not paid the salaries of employees yet…as some of the employeed tried to commit sucide as well becuase they were getting bread and butter from this job

          Carolyn Quinnette:

          I too am a long time IYoGI client. Got the recent e- mail that their hours have changed. Called the number in the e-mail yesterday and was told they are now closed and out of business. I too have a long time contract and hope I am notified if they have a lawsuit against them that I can join in.

            Paulene Hinds:

            Can Canadians be added to the lawsuit? They owe me 500. USD.


          Marguerite Dowell- I too have paid ahead for 2 or 3 years and am wondering if a Class Action Suite would be in order. There must be bank records or eceipts of the transactions. Maybe a bank statement ? WOnder who we can contact to make it happen ? John H

          barbara newtzie:

          That is Tech Club…contact your police department ASAP!!!!
          I have called Iyogi x2 and got this company. I have been called insane, a stupid bitch and also told to go in my back yard, dig a hole and he would be here to bury me in it!!! I have filed extortion against the company and also against the individual…RUN!!! Contact your credit card company everything you can do…This is another fraud and a HORRIBLE company. It is again called Tech Club.

        conrad gusfa:

        I called Tech Cub today. They said I yogi was out of business and would not honor their contracts.

        I then got a phone call from an agent who said he was from I yogi and gave me an 800 number to call. I did. That number is 1 800 765 2408 and they answered I yogi. They said the dock and don’t work anymore for security reasons. They kept shifting me around to different people. They said they were located in New Jersey but refused to give me their address and would only provide the India address. They kept insisting they needed to get into my computer to check the security but before I allowed that I asked them to provide to me the last 3 numbers of my customer ID. He said he couldn’t and call back later.
        The whole thing seemed “shady” to me and I am very suspicious.
        Can you tell me anything different? They said they were not out of business. Why is our country protecting us?

      Branwen Edwards:

      I’ve not needed to call them for quite a while but the English phone number and the US phone numbers are now not recognised.
      I assume they’ve gone out of business – they always did such a hard sell to get you to renew!


      I also have an account with Iyogi and wonder what can i do to get my money back. Ihave 2 years left on contract

      Thank you


        Maggie Burrell:

        I can no longer get a hold of them. Someone claiming to call for iyogi to receive a refund of $169 asked me to do a RTGS REal Time Transaction. This call resulted in a =huge problem for me. I was told that they made an error by depositing to much money like over $2000 and that I should go to Walmart and send a money gramm for $2300 amount to Ming Lu in china. They hustled me with 0ver 50 calls. They don’t provide a phone number to call them back. BE VERY careful.Yeah good karma, those bastards.

        HOw can one cancel this account so they no longer have your bank info. Very upset.

      Paulene Hinds:

      Yes they are OUT OF BUSINESS…..I received a tech call saying they were IYOGI and let them into my computer a month ago and found out later that IYOGI is no longer is business. After many emails to them I just received today an email saying NOT to let people into my computer BUT when I called i was re-routed to another tech support company who wanted MORE money to service my computer. FORGET IT….Call geek squad and pay a bit extra to get help! NEVER use an online or phone tech group to help you! Wish I could get my money back! I am out of 500 USD!


    I have had a contract with iYogi for three or four years. In August of last year (2015) they talked me into buying a new computer which they did ship. However I also bought $400 worth of other hardware and software, none of which was shipped. Each time I phoned they said it was to be shipped in 5 to 7 days. My last contact with them was in early December when they said they would refund the $400. I have not received it. I have tried getting in touch with them every week or so since then. Earlier in 2015 I had signed a three-year contract with them.
    C.R. Kurkjian

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Charles: Sorry to read about the challenges you’ve faced. Our outreach to iYogi continues. We’ll let you know if we hear anything.

      Julie Grover:

      The same thing happened to me–they eventually shipped my computer after 2 months of calling them, but then failed to ship software and ext. hard drive I had paid for. After 6 months of not getting anywhere with them (first promises to ship the goods, then promises to refund my money), they began just passing me back and forth on the phone…they will say quickly, “I’m transferring you to customer service” and transfer you before you can say a word…. then you will be on hold again for an hour or so till it happens again. I finally got my credit card company to charge back the money for the products that never arrived. Now when I try to use my Iyogi tech installed on my mac and my pc, they don’t work. What a nuisance, as actually i received very good tech support from them in the very beginning.

      Anthony Gardino:

      I have the same issue with IYogi, when I call them, I am told that has taken over their account.
      I cannot get anything in writing from them, don’t know what to do next, If you hear of more information, please send me a note

      Thanks, Tony


        i called their number and it did not answer
        i have no dock
        and i got four emails saying they were aware of problem and get back to me.

        i phoned two days ago…sept 1, 2016
        answered iyogis phone number
        SAID they were bankrupt
        and tech club was 399.00

        just came in her to see whats up.
        tech club had the iyogi phone number.


          I just got off phone from tech club and answered iYogi phone . The chat says only open Monday thru Friday . Who did I speak to four weeks back have no idea . My new computer Windows 10 with issues and now this tech club will help me starting at 299 year when I still had a year left with tech genie .


        It’s iYogi folks only just trying to loot same or new customers with another fraud.. they have just setup another website, another office, with same systems and details.. DON”T GO FOR THEM!!!


          Tech club admitted to us their data was breached and scammers are now calling pretending to be iyogi!


        I also have been a customer of iYogi for quite a few years. In the beginning they were very efficient, always fixed my computer problems, but I never took out long term contracts. I would only pay for 1 year at a time. I renewed my contract in Feb 2016, so my contract should not end until Feb. 2017. Called them today (10-1-2016 because an error message comes up on my screen that computer has contacted a virus. The error is from Tech Genie, supposedly their virus protection service that was extra protection, besides the contract fee. telephone # 1-866-714-4445 and they answered TECH CLUB. I asked if this was iYogi, and they told me iYogi was out of business. They asked for $199.00 for a year contract,don’t know if this included virus protection. and I told them I did not know anything about there company and wanted to check it out on line. The head of TECH CLUB is the same name as iYogi the head of iYogi.

    cramer, arnold:

    cannot reach iyogi for technical support are they still in business.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Arnold: Your note is consistent with ongoing email we’ve received from alleged iYogi customers who claim they can’t reach customer support. We have reached out to iYogi once weekly since posting this story on March 2, and have received no reply. We’ll continue the pursuit.

        Ujjwal Kumar:

        Hi Joe,

        I really don’t know whether you can take any action on iYogi or not, but just for your information, since Dec’15, iYogi has seen a decline in the business and the supporting headcounts have also decreased due to not payment of salaries of the employees. Meanwhile iYogi continues to sell new multi-year subscription (including Duplicate/Invalid subscriptions as well). The refunds are not being processed by iYogi (you can verify the same) and the support is not being provide on customer issues.

        Please investigate this (if possible) from your side/US laws , and initiate action accordingly on iYogi for be-fooling US customers. Each word mentioned here is true to the core and can be verified at any point of time.


      You all can get iyogi by going to and click on chat now in the middile of window,you will get a iYogi tech


        Only 0800 PST to 2200 PST Monday thru Friday


        Nope doesn’t work anymore and all the phone numbers listed on the iYogi site go to tech club which probably is owned by them probably anyway

    Gary Thompson:

    I have tried for 6 days to contact iYogi Customer Support and Technical Support. I have tried calling more than 20 times and only got “human” on March 15…she switched me to Technical Support (the number I had called) and I was treated to the same music I have been presented with on more than half my calls. The rest of the calls get an immediate Busy Signal.

    I am also unable to reach them through my “Support Dock” “Live Help” feature on my computer.

    Are they still operating at all?


      Diane Warner:

      I renewed my technical support with iyogi last June 15th for $379. for three years, also Techgenie absolute for $159 on Feb 28th 2016. A month ago they told me that my tech support contract needed renewing. I kept track of my contracts with them. Told them I had two years left. Five years ago I always had good support with this company, taking care of viruses, optimizing my computer and many other issues. Now the support dock is not working and phone numbers are obsolete. Are they completely out of business?

        Bianca Marcuccino:

        Good Afternoon Diane, I have been a member of iYogi since 2006. This company will not answer my phone calls anymore, for the last 8 months. I am a widow, they have taken me to the cleaners financially. I have two protection plans with them, please see below. What can I do, I need this money back. They owe be close to 1,000.00.

        Iyogi Exclusive Fds plan 5 years : 29/01/2019 (I paid 179.99 per year)

        Techgenie Absolute 3 years : 31/03/2018 (I paid 179.99 per year)


    I also would like to keep informed of all things Iyogi. They took me for a little over $300.00 as well. Now I will have to dish out more $$, for tech support, that I don’t have

    Joe Panettieri:

    Gary, Cindi: Thanks for your readership, though I’m sorry it’s under these circumstances. We will update our coverage as we gather new info. Just search “iYogi” in our top right search window for anything new, etc. And keep an eye on the recent comments in our homepage.


    Hi Joe, should I uninstall all of the Iyogi components, just curious

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Cindi,

      I apologize but I’m not an expert on iYogi’s components. And I will work hard to cover both sides of the story (iYogi vs its prosecutor). So I’m not in a position to offer guidance.

      PS: Another update, 7:45pm ET, March 18, 2016: Tata Communications, Bankers Warranty, OneCall Each Sue iYogi


    R Coffren:

    Is anyone aware of a reputable company that provides technical support to individuals?


      try best buy- my daughter dump iyogi last year and switched. highly recommends their service.

    Henry Ahlstrom:

    Today, 3-25-2016 I attempted to contact iYogi for technical support. I am a customer with them for many years. Just last year, I signed a 5 year contract for technical support. The two numbers I have been using over the years were disconnected, but I found a new iYogi number when I searched “iYogi” online – 877 700-5207. I am on hold on that number for the last 15 minutes, yet, having read the various concerns about iYogi’s non-responsiveness to many customers recently, I am not hopeful that they will respond. The 5 year technical support package I bought last year, includes their virus program TechGenie, which has worked only a couple of times after their tech support person remotes in to my computer, but then it fails, again and again.

    Where do I go for online tech support?


    I had no idea why Yogi was not responding to my calls. I just recently signed another years contract with them. I am having a problem with configuration is corrupted and need help desperately. Now I have to buy another years contract somewhere else. I would sure like to get my money back. AB

    Donald Capotosto:

    My experience has been just like all the comments I see on this site. Until then I thought it was just me.


    I have a long term purchase with IYogi & now I can’t reach them by phone. Most of the numbers I have for them give me immediate busy signals. One gives me a “Welcome to I Yogi” message, but then puts me on permanent hold, with the music playing. The company owes me a lot of money. Is it still in business? How do I get back the money IYogi owes me?


    I too have been unable to reach iyogi by phone and they do not answer emails the techs have been turned into salespeople I also bought tech genie and then was told I would have to add to it for 149.00 when I objected they lowered it to 99.00 I have been with iyogi for many years when they started to ignore messages I sent them one asking to cancel again no response

    Murdock Gibbs:

    Can’t reach iYogi by phone. Have used them for at least 5 years. Most of the online-Support Dock and/or phone service has been good — but they usually try to “upsell” a new software or operating system or service plan with each call — and the tech help can be very time-consuming, upwards of three hours. But now there is no answer to any of their customer service or tech lines. I am still due another 6 months of service on the contract I purchased. And now it seems that money is lost. Are they still in business — who knows? The suit by the State of Washington seems to address the same concerns that I have experienced. Here are the numbers I tried today with no success: Tech Support Toll Free Number: 1800-237-3901 (Available 24/7/365).
    Customer Services Toll Free Number: 1866-914-9049 (Available between 6am to 8pm PST)


    Dell Computers referred me to iYogi which they fixed a keyboard problem online after I purchased a support deal.
    After that they called and offered and extended contract for 5 years for $230. I gave them my credit card number but they failed to send a billing statement, and nothing happened while online with them. After that I could not contact them
    be either their online link or by phone. Citicard is waiting for a response from iYogi by April 16 (one month window),
    in the meantime they have issued a provisional credit. I suspect iYogi will not answer them.

    Karen Lee Distler:

    I haven’t had any computer concerns recently. Then two weeks ago I tried to contact I Yogi. I did get an e-mail reply, but no call back for support. The chat feature on the Doc no longer works. Calls to tech support are 30 minutes on hold and then it disconnects. I tried several published numbers multiple times.

    I just saw a web site that said I had to file a claim by Jan 2, 2016 to be part of the law suit. I want to be part of a law suit against them.

    A bigger concern is how do I get their “crap” off my computer embedded in the registry.

    Can you advise.

    Lori Holland:

    It sounds as if I’m not the only person that is having troubles getting a hold of IYOGI I have tried with the live chat I have try to call a lot of time and have sent on the phone until I get nothing I have tried to act as if I want to buy something to get someone to chat or talk or anything and still nothing.So are they still around or was I scam out of 4 years of service..I had done 3 years before this and had no trouble at all .Now this What is going on can anyone one help me

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Readers: Just a quick note to assure you that ChannelE2E continues to track iYogi’s business and legal status closely. We’ll be sure to update the comment area with new story links as they potentially emerge.

    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E
    [email protected]

    Helene Wood:

    I paid $379.99 on 05/13/15 for 5 year support and can no longer reach iYogie at 800 237-3901 or 855-327-2707. I will contact my cc company to see if they can help me with recouping some of this cost. I never heard of responding to suit by Jan 2016… if anyone knows whether or not I can be added to the ‘list’ of suit, please let me know. Thank you.

    D.J. Beck:

    I am in the same (sinking) boat with iyogi. My support dock no longer works and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with them. They used to be good, but responsiveness has disappeared. I too, have a long term support contract.

    D.J. Beck

    Joe Panettieri:

    As promised, here’s another update on the lawsuits vs. iYogi. Potential settlement discussions with OneCall may be in motion. Also, potential class-action lawsuit from multiple customers may emerge. Details are here

    Please send updates/feedback to [email protected]. Thank you.

    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E

      George W. Jeffery:

      I too am a victim of Iyogi’s scams. I have been a customer four approximately 6 years. Is there an equivalent forum to express my concerns in Canada. Will there be a class action against IYOGI where every customer would be able to recover their expenses

    William Powell:

    For the first time since my last communication with IYOGI last year, I am unable to rouse them. All attempts are met with
    non-responses. None of my many icons for IYOGI on my face page respond. I, too, have an annual contract with them. I have had very good and prompt service from them and would ordinarily recommend them. I am certainly concerned that
    they are in trouble. Is there any attempt to get them to respond to us in any way?
    [email protected]

    Jacque Rutledge:

    I also am experiencing the problems mentioned above. My latest attempts to contact someone has been to transfer my call to “CHAT_FOR_CS queue” which never responds. I have spent HOURS trying to contact these people. How can I join a lawsuit(s) to voice my aggravation with this company?

    Mike Davin:


    I can certainly echo all the previous comments and have a long term contact with IYOGI. Accordingly, based on al the aforementioned comments, e.g., technical support, is a class action in order?


    Does anyone know if there is there another remote tech support company other than iYogi with reasonable rates?

    Philip Jaffa:

    Got good service from iYogi for the past 6 years. However, all of a sudden, the online and phone support quit working. I did manage to get ahold of them. They told me that the reason my online support wasn’t working was because my subscription had expired (I checked; it had). They renewed the subscription for three years for $323 and then promptly ended the session without providing any technical assistance. I called my credit card company and cancelled the charge. They appear to be in the process of going out of business.

    Rosella Young:

    I too am owed a refund from I Yogi for a service contract I have been pleased with their service in the past but now can’t reach them by phone of e mail. How do I get my money back?

    Don Bates:

    I would like to know what companies your readers are now using in place of iYogi? My best friend swears by Dell services. Any others worth considering?

    By the way, I used iYogi for years and had good service, great service on occasion, especially when they rebuilt my computer by phone in front of my eyes. It took more than 18 hours over two days. I thought the machine was dead, but they brought it back to life. They also got my laptop up and running after I dropped it in an airport. They took many hours that time, too. I paid maybe $370 total every two years to cover hree computers. I never bought equipment from them, although they tried to sell me, which I didn’t mind. I told them I didn’t want what they had to offer, that I could get it cheaper in New York City. I never got much of an argument.

    I did get calls from people using the iYogi name to tell me my computer needed immediate care that I had to pay for separate and distinct from regular fees. I told them to call me back, then called iYogi HQ and was told that it would never do such a thing and that I should try to get phone numbers and email addresses from the culprits that it could trace.

    oliver fezleer:

    I to have aproblem . I have contacted or say tryed . no answere from p.c or phone is there another service company?


    I also seem to be duped from iYogi

    Mary Ann Slater:

    I too am a customer of iYogi, can’t get ahold of them for any information. Tried over and over to call. I am really upset, because, I feel that we were taken advantage of. There service was great, then BOOM, no response from them. Can’t call, or anything. Please keep us informed.

    Barbara Jones:

    iYogi is now renewing existing customers by offering support through a company called Avalance Security ( If you see their website, it is a copy of iYogi’s site down to the ticker running at the bottom where they claim that Avalance has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, CNBC etc. I have checked and that is patently untrue.

    The payment gateway’s on iYogi’s site don’t work so it is likely that they are collecting through another entity.

    It seems that the company is hoodwinking regulators and its shareholders by collecting cash in a different entity. There is no level too low for them!

    Have any existing subscribers had this experience?

    Joe Newman:

    I too have been taken by Iyogi I also have a five year contract with them. Two weeks ago I paid them 400dollars
    for an other tech. which they said I needed to correct the problem that I had, I had paid for this less than a year
    ago but they swear it had run out. They owe me about 1000 dollars that I will never see. Had good service with them
    in the past. Am very upset with them

    Joe Panettieri:

    Recent coverage, posted June 14, 2016: iYogi faces potential lawsuit default judgment.


      I was told by iYogi to go to

        Evonne Dalton:

        That doesn’t work. I tried it several times with no response. I’m in the same boat. Have a contract with what seems to be a now defunct company.


    I to can’t reach them. Is there any way to get my money back.

    Dale Hagins:

    I too have had the same experience with Iyogi. Unable to contact them by any means. I have a contract until 2018 for both Iyogi support and Tech Genie.

      ed byrum:

      I was called today 8-1–16 from someone claiming to be from Iyogi wanting to have acess to my computer. I told him I could no longer reach them & asked for a phone which he would not give. The English was so poor I finally hung up. He wanted to go to the website: to acess my computer. I think we all have been had by this bunch.I do not trust them !

        Rose Clifford:

        This also happened to me and I fell for it. They really hacked my computer and they put a password on it so that I can no longer use it. They sent me a msg in Notepad saying “Bitch you have been hacked” and they sent a FB msg from me saying “I am getting fucked tonight yo yo”. this is a nightmare.


    I have been trying to reach them contract ends 2018…does anyone know any other remote online tech supports


    I too have been taken by iyogi. For new equipment that I never received and was told I would get a refund. Also with tech support. Now the support dock is not working.

    sandy shortt:

    They call me at least 2-3 times a week. Every time I ask them what they want. They want to get into my computer to remove something?? I will not allow that and tell them that.
    I paid for a three year contract last year and have never been able to reach them. We looked to see if they collected the $$ – credit card I guess, and they have not collected it. Wierd. At least the opposite didn’t happen as I can never reach them for help.
    They called me after we bought a brother printer. We thought maybe there was a connection… Who knows. Hated the printer, returned it.


    I am the same as all above, MC support e-mailed me telling me my computer was unprotected, they showed me where I yogi was out of business. Thus once trying to get hold of I yogi on live help and discontinued phone lines.
    I signed up with micro soft. (apparently this was a scam) I am now in the process of getting my money back from MC
    BUT thru all of this, I have now signed up with Geek Squad, they are thru Best Buy. . We know they are for real.
    But I now am contacting my credit card company, to make sure no money is taken from my account thru,
    I yogi . Up until this happened I was completely happy with Iyogi . Too bad



    iYogi was fine when we first subscribed. However, it became horrendous. Their target was to sell, sell, sell, and they had no interest in fixing the problems in the Computer. I told this to them many, many times, then they got the picture and would rush to fix (?) my problem. One Technician that I was working with, about 3 weeks ago, or so, told me I had to buy Tune up Tool immediately, or my Computer was going to “Crash”. Well, my Husband had just renewed the Tune up Tool 2 weeks previously. There is a need for a legitimate company to help fix the Computers, however, because of the way iYogi worked, it could possibly send a bad message

    Bart Pestrichello:

    I also tried to reach support at iYogi. One of the toll free number was still active. But I asked if this was iYogi and was told they were still servicing their customers. They took care of my issue. The Company was Midas Tech. Did anyone have the same experience?? Are they a legit company?

    Dave Press:

    Like others here, I did receive some support from iYogi, but after spending $199.98 to extend by contract and to have TechGeini through 9/9/17 met the cutoff in all support. Is there some way that I might be able to recover all or part of the money lost on them?

    joan hollier:

    This is a very helpful forum. I had several ongoing problems, but i waited til today when my screen was flashing to try to contact iyogi. I thought the problem was with me until I found this site.
    The people who worked as techs were great and really solved every problem. They were very polite and so thorough. We all took a chance to sign on with them and I hate that the company has let us down. I will keep up with this site.
    Thank you.

    nina pattison:

    Well, I join with all who have been disappointed, cheated, abandoned by IYOGI. I have used them for many years with varying results. Always took atl least an hour and until I began to tell them right at the beginning of my call tothem to NOT TRY TO SELL ME ANYTHING, they always made a very strong pitch to buy something, I also learned to ask for a level 4 technician and many times that worked well. I have not had to use them for quite a while so was very perplexxed to learn that the number I called told me where I could purchase a “very nice apartment”. Tried the number several times just to validate the number. So now I know what’s up. I am sorry for all of you who purchased new contracts. Mine is to expire in 2017 after a period of 3 years. Please keep me in the loop. I think I will not get any money back but would take it if offered!!
    I have promoted them to many people. Thankfully they dont remember that it was me!
    Soo thanks for listening. Good luck with the research and suit,

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Nina, Readers: We continue to monitor the iYogi situation and will likely post an updated blog/story the week of July 11. Stay tuned and thank you for the continued updates on your experiences.

    Sharon R. Peterson:

    It appears there is no point calling any of the 8 phone numbers I’ve been able to come up with. They are either out of service or they say to live-chat online. I tried that, but they weren’t available. (not 24/7 as advertised.) Until the last several months I’ve been very pleased with their service. I’ve had a contract with them for over 3 yrs. Now, however, when I’ve resisted an online complaint I’ve been randomly called by them with no chance of being available just then for their tech support. How do I get my money back? At this point I will contact the credit card co. directly. Thank you for your investigation of this company.

    Laura Beraha:

    I have a five year contract with iYogi which will now not be honored. I can find no way to get a refund. I’ve been taken advantage of in that regard, since I have no recourse but to live with the fact that I have lost a lot of money for no service.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Dear Readers,

    ChannelE2E continues to track multiple lawsuits against iYogi. Our latest report, dated July 15, 2016, is here. We continue to hear rumors about a potential class action lawsuit against the company but we have not seen any legal filings on that topic so far in 2016. We will continue to update our coverage as new milestones in each case potentially emerge. Thanks for your readership,


    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E

    Anne Drobnitch:

    I have been a customer of I Yogi since 2011, when they hacked into the HP phone lines and said that HP was no longer servicing HP customers. Until late 2015, the service was actually pretty good. They must have recently shut down and some of their disgruntled employees, rather, ex-employees, have taken customer information with them. I recently had my computer and bank account scammed by these people.

    Deane Jones:

    geezies….this is all alarming and the more I read of the above comments, the more I realize that I’ve screwed the pooch on this service with IYOGI!!!!! I always was satisfied with their service and responsiveness as well. Did spend money just last summer to renew one part of my contract and to add another 3 yr. component (???) that I needed. Didn’t know exactly what I was getting but they put the fear into me that I needed it! Some of my scans appear to work and my computer has alerted me that I have “Devices Down” which I believe are connected with IYOGI. If there is a common action law suit, I hope I am notified. Scary indeed that our “secrets” re our pc’s might indeed be in the wrong hands.

    Susan Conlin:

    Just wondering if any updates on Iyogi. Have a contract with them until Dec 2106 and cannot get in touch with them. I am assuming I will have to look elsewhere for tech support and an antivirus but have no idea who….. seems like everyone has something bad to say about everyone. Any help in what direction to go would be most appreciated.

      Avinash Kumar:

      Email me your issue and I would revert back with the solution. I work as a freelancer for windows and Mac issues.

    Cheri Williams:

    I have just become aware of the iyogi situation when I tried to call for assistance and the number is not in service. I too have paid in advance for services that I am not getting. Please update through email about what is going on.
    Wow!! Can’t believe this. 🙁


    Got pretty good service from them for 5 years. Annual service contract paid for and antivirus as well plus
    a wooping $ 359 bill to have windows 7 reconfigured but now cannot reach them for over a week as support dock
    is not working. Does anyone know if this company is still in business, lots of confusing emails on the web. I would expect a refund if this company no longer functions.

    Ken Baldyga:

    this may be good news for some. I remember getting an email from iyogi support about 3 week ago, July 12,2016 to be exact, announcing new hours: 8:00am PST to 10:00pm PST. Subscribers should check to see if they also received that email. In that email there was a link to where you could click on a “Chat Now” and be connected to a technician. It worked for me. In only a few seconds we were connected. He uninstalled my old support doc and downloaded and installed the new one. For live chat he said you could use your account # as the session #. He then fixed the problem for which I was trying to reach them: preventing Microsoft from forcefully trying to download and install Windows 10.


    When you call IYogi you get Tech Club and they offer to help. They said Iyogi has been out of business for a month. I got a call and they said they were from Iyogi on Sat and sent them a check. They had the Indian accents. Showed me the virus. They changed the name on the check to TechHelp Services. I am trying to get my money back from them.

    I want to go to an American Computer Help desk. Who is the best. I work out of my home and help help from time to time.


    I haven’t been able to contact this organization and too would like a refund for my services. Will you please let me know what actions I need to take.

    Jennifer Timmons:

    I have just gotten wind of this situation. I was with Iyogi for for four years. I had my computer fixed when it crashed in 2012 so I thought this is a good company. I I had the TechGenie Absolute which was supposed to be good until 2019 which had antivirus, antimalware, antispy, Antihacker which I had just bought in March 7 of this year. Does anyone know of a similar program to replace this now that Iyogi is closed? So at this time , does it look like all of us who had contracts with iyogi are going to lose the money we invested in this company? Iyogi should have sent emails out to its customers indicating that this was going to happen. Absolutely crazy

    Jennifer Timmons:

    Please keep us posted

    Ken Marcum:

    Received a call today from iyogi telling me they wanted to refund my money. I needed to be in front of my computer and follow their instructions to get it. After I questioned them a number o times about how much my refund was and that they should already have all of my information they hung up.

    Linda Dudley:

    So apparently my two previous posts were either too long or too detailed or both since they were deleted. I thought the info might help others as to what the supposed callers from iYogi were trying to do. I, too, need a refund.

    Yesterday I received a call from the original caller of a few days ago (the one who tried to set up a MoneyGram account that failed). He said that the other four callers were scammers (so really?). Then he tried to prove that he was real by asking for my name on Facebook so he could connect and I could “see he was real”. I told him having a FB account had nothing to do with whether or not he worked for iYogi and refused. Geez!

    Ron Carsell:

    I tried to contact Iyogi online and as soon as the site came up another black screen came covering the bottom half of the iyogi page and it said to call 877 871 6875 (which I later found was the same number as iyogi except for the last two digits). I called and spoke with Manoj who kept me on line for 10 minutes until he finally put a box on the screen asking for my name, email address, phone and physical address. I told him that he should already have that information and asked if I was speaking with iyogi. He said iyogi was out of business for 3 months and “their” company was transferring to the old iyogi. At that point things went downhill quickly and I got out of the site quickly and spoke with Manoj and told him I felt that something was wrong. As I took off all the sites which had come up I could see that my screen was black which indicated to me that they had access to my computer for some period of time. The entire phone call lasted at least 10 minutes and I kept inquiring why it was taking so long to take control of my computer. Bottom line is that I wonder how much information they were able to take before I disconnected from them and what I should do next.


    The same thing happened to me! I’m seriously concerned about what information they could have taken. Appreciate some guidance.

    lucy protosow:

    I have had I yogi support for over four years and they “maintained” my computer for a long time. Two days ago, I contacted them on line on their chat screen which I am accustomed to using for help with my computer. I received on line assistance from a person who had my I yogi account number and he proceeded to “fix” my computer problems after having me on line for more than three hours. He did a lot of “work” cleaning out my stuff including eliminating a lot of I yogi downloads?? I still have computer freeze ups and can’t get my computer working again

    Leslie Connelly:

    I also had a several year contract with iYogi. The first year was great. They handled all issues rapidly. They usually tried to sell me additional products which I declined. Over the last 5 months, I have not been able to reach the on their phone number. I receive at least one call a month from someone representing iYogi, but they always want my credit card number in order to provide a refund. I have not provided it to the person calling because I have no way to validate it is actually iYogi.

    Andrew Coltman:

    I live in Australia and have had issues with I yogi and the tec Geni anti virus and I have sent them emails only to get computer generated ones back to say I will be contacted back in 24hr time I have been waiting 4 days now.
    So all I can say is look else where for a provider


    I too have been with I yogi for years and spent over a thousand dollars last year alone for tech genie and other IT programs and their support .
    How do i get my money back for i haven’t had to use them until today and was not able to log in with my computer.
    I search the web and got a phone number spoke to a very rude man who wanted to block me and was telling me my plan had expired when in fact i have the paper work from them telling me i was covered till 2020 on top of that he told me it will cost me $599.00 dollars for three more years and that i had to pay by check that they no longer except credit cards. So i went on to search for their new phone number spoke with a man who told me that they are stealing peoples money and that they are being sued . My Question can we all start a class action law suit against them.

    Bob Burghardt:

    When I call my IYogi numbers I get a competitor. One was Tech Help and another was Tech Club who only wanted to fix my computer with a check which I am trying to get stopped.

    I got a call from a Iyogi Tech who said they had reorganized and he would help me but the line was dropped and I got no help. Sad looks like we will all lose our money.

    I looked at Geek Squad and they are expensive. I loved Iyogi and they did a lot of good for me.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Another update: A defense team that iYogi apparently hired has withdrawn from the Tata case, allegedly because iYogi didn’t cooperate with the defense team.

      Debra Mohn:

      Hi Joe,
      As an iYogi customer of 7 years I am now in need of technical support for my computer (existing problem is with MS Outlook password issue).
      Can you please direct me for support, either online, on site, on walk in?
      Thank you in advance,
      Debra Sexton Mohn (also Michael Mohn is on this account)


    They have been driving me crazy, calling me and telling me they are out of business but, they always call at the most inconvenient times. Well today they caught me at home doing nothing really so, I talked to them. The guy said I would have to fill out a form to get the refund processed. I was told to download something called Supremo Control. Yes, like a dummy I did it but, when he told me it was now scanning my files for junk stuff, and I was getting this all for free I became really concerned. I told him I couldn’t sit there for 15 minutes and he said not to turn pc off and he would call me back in 2 hours. As soon as I hung up I realized I couldn’t move the mouse, and opening Task Mgr caused the mouse to move and close it. I then just shut the pc off and the phone rang. It was the same guy asking why I did this. He was not happy and told me we would have to do the download again when he called back. I turned my phone off so I don’t know if he called back or not.
    My advice, if you get this “refund” call, just hang up. It is a scam I am convinced.

    Reinaldo Armas:

    iYogi is TECHCLUB…. This new scam (Techclub) is running under the same con artists Vishal Dhar and Udhayan Challu.
    Rich and Stupid: the domain techclub was registered by Visjal Dhar and owned by iYogi until today when they realized they are under the FBI/Interpol investigation and they changed it. Godaddy has all the records of those changes.

      Jason: is iYogi only, just in a new costume trying to shamefully dupe needy people into buying their services again.. Report them to the AG and other authorities!! and help get refunds!

    Anne Drobnitch:

    I posted on July 20, 2016 about my computer and bank account being hacked by some iYogi employees or ex employees. I turned this company into the BBB of New York, and got a reply that I yogi was supposed to refund the overcharges, however, that has never happened. In the meantime, I have received numerous telephone calls with phone numbers like 267-265-535 , 778-257-859 , 262-376-098 – all of these are shown as “unknown” and are missing the last digit of the phone number. There is a lot of background noise (something that never happened with IYOGI), and it sounds like a boiler room operation. I have played along with them, tell them that I am in front of my computer (which I am not) and I am typing in (or whatever address they give me). Then I tell them that I have a blank screen, and tell them that they are a bunch of hackers and I am turning them into the Federal government. The last call I had was from a very rude woman who called me various names and finally hung up.


      the better business bureau has no legal way
      its just complaints you can read
      no teeth at all.

      i was happy with iyogii, but i think i got most of my money out of them for service.
      tech club…now i read here its same owner oh nooooooooo

      i needed iyogi..they helped me so much
      I got phone calls a company wanted to refund me, it was scam
      i told him to
      then he called back, said he had f…d me and wanted to return my money.
      i said well you should as you are lousy lay with your tiny penis…
      he called back
      i said is your whole office laughing..yes he said.

    Rick Trepte:

    Well, well, well. Isn’t this all interesting. I have been a long time iYogi customer also, until about nine months ago when I couldn’t get past their long “on hold” delays. That must have been when most of their people told them to take their job and shove it!!! I’ve worked for employers on the past who haven’t paid on time and it sucks.

    And so I just answered a call from one of their boiler room people about the refund b.s. and I gave them brief control of my desk top but then when I didn’t like the answers I was getting, I shut my computer off which really pissed them off.

    And now I finding out about the the desperate scams they are running…there is no way they are trying to give me a refund…they are tying to access my bank account to rip me off.

    So I shut my computer off. And it’s still off and when I turn it back on I’m going to erase all the iYogi remote computer control software and run a scan…I use ESET…pretty good virus protection.

    Linda Dudley:

    Well, I fell for the refund scam. Should have known better than to let them have remote access to my laptop without making 100% sure it actually was iYogi. Long and the short of it is that they installed the program SAM Lock which I found out later encrypts passwords and hard drives and they changed my password to their own 9-digit one and completed it before I could move fast enough to disconnect. This was after they gained access to my PayPal account and ghosted an available balance of $1500 – which they insisted I needed to repay the overage. My refund was supposed to only be $200. Just happened to catch that the tech opened a programming dialog box on screen and typed in the 1500. When I said that they could just reopen that box and type in the correct amount, he said no, the money was already there and I’d have to repay it. Riiiight. On another laptop I went to PayPal and checked my account. Nothing there. Then he claimed it was “on hold”. I had already called PP and confirmed that they would be able to see any postings – on hold or not. He got mad and had quite the story that the tech would lose his job and he had two kids to support – I had to pay back the money. Oh, the ghosted money?

    I hung up and turned off the computer. Unfortunately, on restart my password no longer worked and the computer was in a restart loop that needed their password. Random combinations on the 10-key pad found one that got me in but the restart failed. Same number did not work again. Wound up taking the laptop in to the shop. After many tries and fiddling, they were able to disrupt the loop and reset it to factory day one. I think I was very lucky to recover the laptop.

    If the people calling you don’t have your account number or your security code (didn’t think to ask for it), don’t let them into your computer!


    Sept 4…2016
    i phoned iyogi phone and got prompt answer…before nothing had reached them.
    indian man said IYOG WAS BANKRUPT.
    he was TECHCLUB.COM..
    3.99 FOR ? yrs one computer. I had iyogi for 3 computers and two android phones. I asked this tech club guy. NO androids…and he said Iyogi was bankrupt…and they would help me.
    so now i hit search and get this forum..and tech club is same people.
    i am really upset now. I dont think I lost any money with Iyogi, they did a great job.
    but i have no dock and i will not pursue it any more.

    Reinaldo Armas:
    August 29, 2016 at 9:30 pm
    iYogi is TECHCLUB…. This new scam (Techclub) is running under the same con artists Vishal Dhar and Udhayan Challu.
    Rich and Stupid: the domain techclub was registered by Visjal Dhar and owned by iYogi until today when they realized they are under the FBI/Interpol investigation and they changed it. Godaddy has all the records of those changes.


    Just go off the phone with Techclub after dialing I-Yogi and he tried to sell me his product for $200. Not buying anything at this point. I was with I-Yogi for about 7 years and had good experiences. This is most disturbing. I paid for a contract to end in December 2017. How do we get our money back?


    Hi, I’m in Charlotte NC and like the others on this forum have experienced the same. I switched to Geek Squad and it has slowed my computer down to unacceptable levels. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone found another software to protect with good results and no slow down? I even got a new modem today and it’s still bad/ Let me know


    BOB F



    Frank D:

    In Sydney AUS two days ago I had e-help from i-yogi. Two days later no phone contact … !

    Shruti Dwivedi:

    Hi all, let me share exact status with you all. iYogi has no resource left to serve its customers. Once it use to have more than 2000 tech head count and now they are hardly 50, above all these techs are not paid for at least 6-8 months. Few of them attempted suicide, some filed court case, some still protesting but the management has no effect on this. Their straight forward answer is “We do not have cash flow as of now and can’t pay your dues.” Beside this they have started a new firm called techclub where existing customers calls are being landed. People at Techclub ( though they are iYogi) directly telling that iYogi has been shut and for support they have to pay more money. Irony is that the contact number of Techclub is on iYogi official website. Let me also share that just to avoid legal and criminal proceedings company has appointed new directors who actually serve tea in company and actual people like Uday Challu, Vishal Dhar, Shruti Dwivedi is no more associated with iYogi. However they are looting their customers with newly formed TechClub.

    Karen J White:

    I thought I was on the phone with Iyogi. They called and said that my computer needed work. I went to the computer and they worked on it and told me I had a virus on my computer and anyone could get my information through inscription. They said my contract had expired, which I thought was odd because I thought I was good to 2017, and I renewed. So I bought 5 year contract for $399.99. Turns out it was geek software experts. This all happened on Monday October 3. I am also owed money by Iyogi. I depended on the completely and am wondering if the geek software people are reputable. I would love to know if there is a class action suit.

    Elvin Mcfarland:

    I was looking for Moneygram Money Order Claim Card earlier today and discovered an online platform with 6,000,000 forms . If people need Moneygram Money Order Claim Card also , here’s

    Mary Walcher:

    Do not fall for any refund offered by IYOGI. This is a total SCAM. You will allow someone access to your bank accounts without knowing who they are. Once in they will initiate a transfer from your credit card into your checking account which looks like they have refunded to you. Unfortunately, they did the wrong amount so now they want you to send money back. Bullshit. Do not fall for this. Tell them to go away and never contact you again. It is all a scam.

    Frank B:

    I had IYOGI for about a year bought the five year plan on a credit card. Then one day they wouldn’t answer the phone , then next day same thing so I had credit card company charge back the fee and I got it back. Then all of a sudden Iyogi calls and says we need your money back LOLOL. I said go to hell you crooks and hung up. So the lesson I learned was never ever deal with an Indian company #1 and #2 always , always use your credit card never a debit card or check.
    Shame too at first I got great service but then the pressure started to buy things I never needed, that was first clue that told me all they wanted was money. Too bad they deserve to go out of business.


    Joe: Is there a official web site to find out if IYOGI is officially closed? I’m also not sure about my tech Genie


    Dear all,

    I am getting help from iYOGI by different way. They are still in business. If you all wanted to get connected with them , then just send an email to there technician group. They will revert the instant response how to get connected with them.

    You all can send an email to iYOGI private technician email group. The email is

    [email protected]

    They are Still on business.

    Efrain Aguero:

    I also have been scammed by these jokers. If any new developments it, please keep me in the loop. I saved all my emails from them, turns out perhaps for good reason!


    iYogi still in business. I am getting support by them. you can get them by visit directly

    Mohinder S, Sokhi:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Have you any idea if iYogi is still in business, I have been trying to get there support for the last 5 weeks but no success, all the phone numbers are non existent, no reply from customer support department. I have paid for 5 years subscription for support and 3 years for the T£CH GENIE (which is not working), there support docks are not working either.
    I shall be very grateful to you if you could please let me know if they are still in business or how that can be contacted.
    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Mohinder S. Sokhi

    Phyllis Haynes:

    Please keep me in the loop as well. Thank you.

    Linda Windham:

    I-yogi has screwed me too. I want to know how to get on the lawsuit wagon asap. I have paid for 5 yrs of support and 5 years for Tech Geni. I want to get my money back! Tech was paid $199.99 for their support service but now I am sure they are the old I-Yogi and are scamming everyone now.

    tom bennett:

    I have been a client of IYOGI for several years and am sorry to admit I have been ripped off by them too. Because of a lack of service and no response to phone calls I made a complaint to the BBB and their final response is (so sad too bad see ya)
    Two different agents with the BBB and I wind up with nothing. Who said the BBB could put preasure on poor business practices and assist on a settlement.


    i suggest all customer being a iyogi technician …….. who is no longer associated with them anymore with one or more same reason for money ……yes they are out of business ……..noway to reach ….make them famous 2 people so they will not standup again to do any business and do fraud with employees as well as customer . (UDAHYAN CHALLU and Vishal DHAR)…culprits

    Charles Slater:

    I’m in Australia. I paid $500 to iYogi on 14 Sep 2015 for a five year service contract. I used them once only to sort out a simply iPad problem. Now have a problem with mu MacMini but if course can’t contact them. After reading a few of the comments from from other customers it would appear that I have ‘done my dough’. Being on an old age pension, the financial loss is significant. I feel foolish for falling for this scam but included within their hard sell tactics was an inference that the company was a division of Apple itself.
    Seemingly no authority is at all interested in tracking down these criminals who will no doubt crop up again under another name and fleece hundreds of further innocent victims.
    However, I’m certain that if I tried to escape a fine for parking on a bus stop, I’d doubtless be behind bars in no time.

    Sonia A. Gatti:

    I paid hundreds of dollars to iYogi for a 5-year contract and for Tech Genie. Now I learn they are no longer in business and I am out $300. Is there no way to get my money back?



    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Folks: To summarize the comments above and ChannelE2E’s reporting…
    1. Several lawsuits against iYogi had reached default judgments as of December 31, 2016. That means iYogi has been ordered to pay plaintiffs in multiple cases.
    2. Scores of ChannelE2E readers have communicated alleged concerns about iYogi’s business practices.
    3. iYogi has been non-responsive to ChannelE2E’s requests for comment.
    4. Comments on this blog entry are now closed. If you have additional questions/comments/updates about iYogi please email me.

    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E
    [email protected]