Datadog IPO: Cloud-based Monitoring’s Next Move?

Cloud-based monitoring software company Datadog is exploring a potential IPO (initial public offering), according to Reuters. The potential move comes as rival Dynatrace also explores an IPO.

Both companies offer application performance monitoring (APM), infrastructure monitoring, and other services to improve end-customer experiences. But the software companies have vastly different histories.

Datadog vs Dynatrace IPOs: Similarities and Differences

While Dynatrace typically targets large customers and works with large MSPs, Datadog often works with customers and service providers of all sizes.

Datadog vs Dynatrace IPOs: Potential Valuations

  • Datadog had a valuation of $640 million in 2015, but the company’s valuation could reach “several billion dollars” in an IPO, Reuters says.
  • Dynatrace by contrast, is seeking to raise $427 million at a market valuation of about $3.5 billion, says.

Both companies typically compete with Cisco AppDynamics and New Relic, among other cloud-based monitoring tool providers.

Stay tuned to ChannelE2E for more potential details about the Datadog and Dynatrace IPO strategies, respectively.

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