Another iYogi Attorney Seeks to Exit Another iYogi Legal Case

For the second time two months, a legal team defending iYogi has requested to withdraw as attorney of record. The reason in both cases: iYogi, an embattled IT services provider, allegedly doesn’t respond to legal outreach from its own defense teams, according to court documents reviewed by ChannelE2E.

This latest case involves Bankers Warranty Group, which is seeking $238,791 plus various fees from iYogi for alleged breach of contract. Chamberlin Crowe and Hunter H. Chamberlin have been representing iYogi in the case. But in a court filing dated Sept. 21, the Chamberlin Crowe team said it intends to withdraw from the case and terminate representation due to iYogi’s lack of communication. iYogi’s allegedly agreed to the request on Sept. 15, when the attorneys finally reached a representative of the IT services provider.

The situation closely resembles another legal case against iYogi. In August 2016, a defense team representing iYogi in the lawsuit filed by Tata Communications ultimately withdrew from the case. The reason? iYogi allegedly failed to cooperate with its own defense team in that case as well. By September 2016, a judge in that case ruled that iYogi must pay Tata $1.24 million as part of a default judgment against the IT services provider.

iYogi has faced multiple legal challenges in recent years, but the situation intensified in late 2015. At the time, the State of Washington claimed iYogi scams consumers and businesses into buying more IT services than they need. iYogi said the suit was without merit in late 2015 but the company has not responded to multiple ChannelE2E requests for comment since that time.

Multiple lawsuits against the company are still pending.

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    What further amazes now, is that the same company folk have setup another scam by name of “TechClub” and are trying to dupe the same old and innocent customers – using the database collected from iYogi businesses. How can we put an end to this?

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