Amazon Alexa Automating IT Service Management (ITSM), Help Desks?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon re:MARs 2019, the company’s first major artificial intelligence and machine learning conference, kicks off June 4 in Las Vegas. It promotes the next big waves in technology — and potentially propels Amazon Web Services (AWS) beyond infrastructure toward a new generation of groundbreaking business and consumer applications. There are also major implications for MSPs and IT service providers that are struggling to automate their own businesses.

The overall conference focuses on AI, ML, automation, robotics and space. Yes, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos eventually wants to take all of us into space. But he’ll also call on Amazon’s growing Alexa ecosystem to automate the world around us.

The pre-conference highlights include temi, a $2,000 personal robot that’s powered by Alexa. But that’s only scratching the surface. Dig a little deeper and listen closely to the re:Mars chatter; you may hear about a new generation of IT service management (ITSM) and help desk automation techniques.

Amazon Alexa for Business AI, ITSM Automation: Early Movers

As ChannelE2E recently pointed out, most MSPs are painfully late to the AI, chatbot and help desk automation conversations. Still, potential help may be on the way — for those who listen closely, learn fast, invest wisely, and move to disrupt their own businesses.

Among the potential examples:

All of those Alexa-focused business moves surfaced before the re:MARS 2019 conference even started. So what will actually unfold at the conference? Stay tuned for updates from ChannelE2E.

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