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Machine Learning

Customer Service: The Future Belongs to “Caring” Bots

The customer service challenge is to build a bot with an identity that reflects an organization’s brand, culture & communication style, Capgemini asserts.

Amazon Alexa Automating IT Service Management (ITSM), Help Desks?

Amazon re:MARs 2019 conference: How Amazon Alexa, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation & partners may reshape ITSM, help desks & business technology.

Get Smarter About Your Competitors, Customers, And Company

Key tools, technologies and best practices to leverage insights about your customers, company and competition, according to Forrester Research.

HP Enterprise Acquires Cray, Supercomputer as a Service Push Coming

HP Enterprise acquires Cray to counter IBM in the supercomputer, artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, big data and government markets.

Live Blog: Microsoft Build 2019 Developer Conference News

Microsoft Build 2019 news including CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote. Plus Azure cloud developer updates involving containers, AI, machine learning, serverless, DevOps, IoT & more.

Continuum Rebrand And What’s Really Next: Artificial Intelligence for MSPs

Continuum’s rebranding resembles ConnectWise’s 2016 move. But Continuum’s secret weapon may involve more MSP automation via artificial intelligence (AI).

Hiring Artificial Intelligence Talent: Beware Of Unicorns

First came chief data officers (CDOs). Next up are so-called artificial intelligence (AI) engineers — the technology industry’s latest talent unicorns.

MSP Software and Business Automation: Artificial Intelligence Required?

Will artificial intelligence (AI) allow MSPs (managed IT service providers) to further automate their businesses and boost profit margins? Here’s a reality check.

The Future of Bots and Digital Assistants

We are seeing an explosion of simple bots for internal processes. But here’s the next evolution, according to Avanade.


Sia Partners Acquires Management Consulting Firm Loft9

Sia Partners, an independent management and AI (artificial intelligence) consulting firm, acquires Loft9, a Seattle-based management consulting firm.