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Cisco CEO Connects the IoT Dots: Jasper, CliQr and More

chuck robbins

Chuck Robbins

Cisco Systems Inc.‘s Internet of Things (IoT) strategy depends heavily on several platforms — including recent acquisitions like CliQr and Jasper Technologies.

But how will Cisco and its partners pull together end-to-end IoT offerings for customers? CEO Chuck Robbins explains the strategy in a rather clear, concise manner during Cisco Partner Summit 2016.

Take a look:

The CliQr buyout surfaced during Robbins’ Partner Summit keynote on March 1, 2016. The Jasper acquisition, meanwhile, arrived in February 2016.

Far more than a PC or server management system, Jasper’s cloud-based system could allow MSPs and cloud service providers to remotely monitor and management (RMM) sensors in cars, medical devices, factory equipment and more. Roughly 27 service providers and 3,500 enterprises worldwide already leverage Jasper, Cisco says.

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