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1. Lenovo is focused exclusively on server access and has a solid understanding of requirements for that usage scenario.

2. Lenovo's switches can provide both Fibre Channel and Ethernet interfaces in the same ToR access switch hardware.

3. Lenovo does not restrict organizations to exclusively using Lenovo networking gear in their server systems. It offers support for modules from competitors, including Cisco, Brocade and Mellanox Technologies.

4. Lenovo's Flex System Interconnect supports up to 20 network devices that can be managed as a single entity, while supporting Ethernet, FCoE and Fibre Channel interfaces.


1. Gartner clients do not deploy Lenovo as an end-to-end DC network solution. Instead, they are deployed only as an access layer solution for Lenovo server environments.

2. Lenovo currently lacks several interface capabilities that are desired in the access layer, including 10GBase-T and newer 25/50G interfaces.

3. Lenovo lacks several key features that are of increasing importance at the server access layer, including support for Linux automation tools (such as Puppet, Chef and Ansible).

4. Lenovo has been slow in executing against their vision, with few new product launches or new software solutions delivered over the past year.

Source: Gartner.