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1. Huawei has a broad data center switch portfolio based on its CloudEngine portfolio, including scalable chassis architectures and FFF leaf-and-spine switches to support Ethernet fabric architectures.

2. Huawei has a broad set of open SDN options to deliver software overlays, a full SDN infrastructure and hybrid solutions, all based on standards to allow third-party integration and enhancements to its architecture.

3. Huawei offers a complete converged infrastructure data center offering with network, compute and storage.

4. Huawei has deep financial resources and has demonstrated a willingness to invest in regional markets to increase its corporate presence.


1. Despite global scale, Huawei has limited channels outside of China and parts of Asia, forcing it to rely on internal resources to support customer deployments. Huawei has small but growing capabilities in Western Europe and limited capabilities in North America.

2. Huawei has limited partnerships with support for Puppet, but is behind other vendors in supporting DevOps tools such as Chef and Ansible.

3. Gartner clients have observed that Huawei needs to improve sales processes and documentation outside of China.

4. Huawei has relatively poor marketing and messaging, which further limits company visibility and differentiation. This means that it is not considered for all potential opportunities in its target markets and geographies.

Source: Gartner.