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1. VMware's virtual switching solutions are widely deployed across VMware's installed base, with a deep feature set and a proven track record for reliability.

2. NSX does not require large upfront capital investments or mandate hardware changes; it can be piloted and introduced incrementally.

3. VMware NSX is hardware-agnostic and can run on top of any appropriately provisioned IP-based Ethernet network, although better integration is achieved with switches from technology partners.

4. NSX microsegmentation is an innovative mechanism to provide intra-data-center security (east/west) in a cost-effective and scalable manner, compared to traditional appliance-based approaches.


1. The value of NSX is dramatically diminished in environments that are not highly virtualized, since integration of bare-metal resources requires gateways or switches supporting VTEP integration from technology partners.

2. The future of NSX for Multi-Hypervisor is uncertain, given increasing investments in features for NSX for vSphere (NSX-v).

3. With the 6.2 release, VMware provides improved visibility into the network. However, it is important to select the right third-party tools to appropriately consume the data. Overall management can be improved through the adoption of network solutions from NSX technology partners or management tools from third parties (such as Arkin).

4. Based on client inquiries, we have observed that NSX licensing is often expensive.

Source: Gartner.