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Arista Networks


1. Arista provides tight integration with a wide range of software orchestration and SDN solutions, and gives its customers flexibility through the programmability of its EOS platform, based on standard Linux.

2. Arista provides a single control point (CloudVision), centralized network state (NetDB), network telemetry and application visibility capabilities, along with extensible APIs and software development kit (SDK).

3. Arista offers a portfolio of products with different form factors, including some large fixed configuration switches, enabling the implementation of rightsized and often cost-effective solutions for every environment.

4. Arista provides high-performance and very scalable solutions, with deep buffers, large address tables and low latency to deal with the complexities of modern DC applications and to scale to cloud size.


1. Geographic coverage is still limited outside of North America and Western Europe when compared with more established vendors, and Arista is still ramping up its support practices and channel programs to better serve the mainstream market.

2. Arista does not provide interfaces for converged storage networks where FC (or FCoE) is a requirement.

3. Arista was a price/performance leader when compared to more traditional solutions, but increasing adoption of merchant silicon-based switches, combined with similar spine-and-leaf architecture, has enabled competitors to close the gap.

4. An ongoing legal dispute with Cisco represents an increased level of perceived risk for some potential customers. Organizations should have their legal departments assess the risk associated with this issue (see Note 2).

Source: Gartner.