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Gartner Magic Quadrant DRaaS 2016 Report

Quadrant: Leaders

Welcome to page 4 of 4 of our Gartner Magic Quadrant DRaaS report coverage. Here, we look at companies in the Leaders quadrant. They include…

1. Axcient

After starting in the SMB channel, Axcient has recently pushed hard into the midmarket and enterprise with a new platform called Axcient Fusion. Here are Gartner’s views on strengths and challenges.


  • Axcient’s per-server or per-virtual-host pricing is simple and all-inclusive, and its self-service model makes its pricing competitive.
  • Administration of Axcient’s GUI is simple and easy to use.
  • Currently, 70% of Axcient’s production configurations are hybrid (that is, support a mix of both physical and virtual servers).
  • Reference customers ranked Axcient highly in service quality, secure operations and service cost-effectiveness.


  • Axcient remains primarily the provider of a self-service DRaaS solution. Customers requiring a broader range of management services can turn to Axcient’s large partner community.
  • While Axcient does have a rapidly growing professional services organization, its size is not yet that of several of the other provider participants.
  • Axcient has limited direct experience with production customers in the large-enterprise segment. Currently, only 10% of Axcient’s installed base is made up of organizations with more than 1,000 employees.
  • Currently, all interfaces and documentation are provided in English only.

ChannelE2E says: Axcient recently pivoted from the SMB market toward enterprise and midmarket opportunities. We don’t know if Gartner’s research reflects that pivot. Find Axcient partner program information here.

2. Bluelock


  • Bluelock received the highest reference customer satisfaction scores among all providers in this Magic Quadrant.
  • Bluelock has strong professional services and robust onboarding, training and run book development processes, which are demonstrated through its Recovery Assurance Program.
  • Bluelock Portfolio allows customers to track and manage service costs and recovery objectives, schedule tests, and access run book documentation as well as past test validation certificates.
  • Support for both intracloud and intercloud hybrid recovery configurations is available with Bluelock.


  • Because of the demand for provider-managed services among its customer base, Bluelock DRaaS is largely a managed service.
  • Service delivery is geographically focused in North America.
  • No support is currently in place from Bluelock for bare-metal restore of non-VMware servers or storage area network (SAN)-to-SAN VM replication.
  • Little integration with on-premises management utilities (apart from vCenter and vCloud Director) is supported by Bluelock.

ChannelE2E says: Bluelook appears to be an MSP that has pieced together multiple third-party platforms (Cisco, Veeam, VMware, Zerto, etc.) into a DRaaS platform. Check out the company’s strategic partners here.

3. IBM


  • IBM offers one of the most comprehensive sets of related professional and managed services of any of the providers in this Magic Quadrant.
  • IBM has a solid provider portal interface in place for configuring a virtual recovery data center, recovering servers, and monitoring testing progress and completion.
  • IBM has one of the highest percentage of supported hybrid configurations of any of the assessed providers.
  • IBM received high customer reference scores in a number of areas, including secure operations, service quality, quality of technical support, timeliness of provider support response and service problem resolution, and support for both physical and virtual servers and systems.


  • IBM’s DRaaS offering may not be the appropriate choice for cost-conscious organizations looking for a self-managed service.
  • IBM’s recurring monthly service pricing for VMs and the supporting storage can command a premium over other providers.
  • Although IBM’s service audit results are proprietary due to its need to maintain examination confidentiality, service customers can, and do, request their own third-party audit to fulfill their compliance requirements.
  • Reference customers cited the need for improved support within the provider’s portal for reporting service quality and service cost, as well as improvements in service billing transparency.

ChannelE2E says: Find IBM DRaaS information here, though we don’t know if or how IBM PartnerWorld members can leverage the service.

4. iland


  • Iland’s service uptime availability SLA is currently 100%.
  • Target response times for all iland customers’ questions and incident reports is 15 minutes or less.
  • Customers of iland can test operations failover and failback without restrictions at no additional charge.
  • received high customer reference scores in a number of areas, including effectiveness of onboarding process, secure operations, service quality, quality of technical support, quality of professional services and service feature innovation.


  • The establishment and management of iland user groups have largely been informal up to this point.
  • Iland has limited experience with hybrid recovery configuration support.
    Perimeter network security protection, intrusion monitoring and security management processes were not as well-defined by iland as by other providers in this Magic Quadrant.
  • Reference customers cited that iland can improve in the area of contract flexibility.

ChannelE2E says: iland resembles an MSP, having built its DRaaS offerings atop Zerto and Veeam.

5. Microsoft

Plenty of channel partners are trying to figure out how they can monetize the Azure cloud. DRaaS could be one answer. Here’s a look at Gartner’s views on strengths and cautions


  • Microsoft is uniquely positioned to provide customers converged data and availability solutions within a hyperscale cloud (that is, Azure). Growth of production quality workloads in the public cloud is just starting to accelerate, and Microsoft believes it is well-positioned to take advantage of this phenomenon.
  • The Azure portal that is used to back DRaaS supports more than 50 languages.
  • ASR pricing is simple: It is priced on the number of instances protected, or through the OMS add-on.
  • Microsoft received high customer reference scores for service feature innovation, service cost-effectiveness and simplicity of the provider portal GUI.


  • Although its installed base is growing rapidly, Microsoft currently does not have the same level of service delivery experience as some of its larger competitors (for example, IBM, Sungard Availability Services [AS] and Verizon).
  • Currently, Microsoft supports only self-service delivery and lacks the hybrid configuration management capabilities of some of its competitors.
  • Microsoft received low customer reference scores for the quality of technical support and contract flexibility. It also received a low customer reference score for account management. Microsoft now has a dedicated technical support team for its data and availability solutions.
  • Microsoft’s recovery management experience with data configurations that contain a wide variety of system platform types (for example, IBM System i, IBM System p, Oracle Solaris and HP-UX) is limited.

ChannelE2E says: Microsoft will increasingly promote Azure-based services — including DRaaS — to channel partners. Check in with Microsoft partner program leaders to understand how the Azure offerings fit into the broader partner program. And watch firms like Arterian, which are building cloud solutions provider businesses atop Azure and Office 365.

6. Liberty Global


  • Liberty Global’s operations availability service-level commitment is 100%.
  • Liberty Global was well above the provider median in terms of the number of actual disaster declarations that had been serviced.
  • Liberty Global received perfect (five out of five) customer satisfaction scores for its hybrid configuration support and account management quality from its reference customers.
  • Liberty Global also received the highest reference customer satisfaction rating on contract flexibility.


  • Liberty Global’s customer management portal for DRaaS was recently augmented to include additional hybrid delivery capability, but it may not be as robust as some competing portals.
  • Liberty Global’s regulatory compliance (Payment Card Industry [PCI] only) is not as broad as that of many of the other providers in this Magic Quadrant.
  • Although support from Liberty Global is available in both English and Spanish, the management portal text is currently provided only in English.
  • The breadth of Liberty Global’s related professional services are somewhat limited.

ChannelE2E says: We weren’t able to find partner program information for Liberty Global.

7. Sungard Availability Services


  • Crash-consistent and application-consistent recovery across multitier applications (both physical and virtual) is supported by Sungard AS.
  • Sungard AS’s physical and logical isolations of customer configurations minimize the probability of security breaches.
  • Sungard AS supports compliance with SSAE 16 Service Organization Control (SOC) Type 2, as well as PCI DSS, HIPAA and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001.
  • Sungard AS received high customer reference scores for account management quality.


  • Because Recover2Cloud is a provider-managed service, minimal integration was provided between Sungard AS’s portal and on-premises operations management utilities. However, this is beginning to improve as a result of management portal integration with on-premises ESR-NetApp, ESR-Actifio and ESR-EMC software.
  • Sungard AS’s recovery SLAs are functions of the type of VM and the size of the VM configuration.
  • With Sungard AS, external audits of cloud operations are performed only once a year.
  • Opportunities for improvement cited by reference customers include service cost- effectiveness, contract flexibility and the simplicity of provider portal GUI.

ChannelE2E says: We know several MSPs in the financial services vertical that leverage SunGard Availability Services. Find partner program information here.

Graphic: Gartner DRaaS Magic Quadrant Chart

Now that you’ve read about each company a bit, here’s a look at each company’s position on the DRaaS Magic Quadrant chart…


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