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Gartner Magic Quadrant DRaaS 2016 Report

Quadrant: Visionaries

Welcome to page 2 of 4 of our Gartner Magic Quadrant DRaaS report coverage. Here, we look at companies in the Visionaries quadrant. They include…

1. Datto

Perhaps best known for its MSP-centric partner program, Datto’s strengths and cautions, according to Gartner, include:


  • Datto’s Inverse Chain technology decouples data retention planning from backup management, allowing customers to delete unneeded backups and still have instant access to any remaining backup points.
  • Datto’s “one call to engineer” allows customers to be instantly connected to a trained Datto technician located in either the U.S. or the U.K. 24/365 — with one phone call and no after- hours surcharges.
  • A significant engineering team and channel partner approach allows Datto to remain focused on its core competencies, while allowing partners to provide customized management and professional services.
  • Compared with other DRaaS providers in this Magic Quadrant whose services are an extension of managed backup, Datto has significantly larger revenue and a larger global presence. The latter is in part due to its 2013 acquisition of Paradeon Technologies that expanded its EMEA presence.


  • Datto is positioned more as a provider that enables MSPs to deliver DRaaS to end users. Consequently, capabilities such as automated DR playbooks or recovery-specific professional services will be specific to individual MSP partners. However, Datto does assist every new customer with the creation of a DR plan.
  • Datto’s SLAs are limited to support “response time.” Datto does not have specific SLAs regarding recovery, uptime guarantees, data center rollovers or planned emergency maintenance.
  • Despite claims of customer satisfaction related to the one-call-to-engineer support approach, referenced customers rated the services only average with respect to service quality and quality of technical support.
  • Although Datto services 400 customer failovers per month, Datto does not manage disaster declarations to the same extent as some of the other providers in this Magic Quadrant.

ChannelE2E says: Datto is focused like a laser on MSP relationships, and has launched a range of lead generation programs that funnel potential customers directly to MSPs. Find partner program information here.

2. Infrascale

Next up is Infrascale, with the following strengths and cautions from Gartner.


  • Its 15-minute RTO service levels are among the lowest in the industry.
    Infrascale’s solution currently supports push-button failover for the following source platforms: Windows-on-metal, Linux-on-metal, VMware vSphere and Hyper-V. In addition, backup and recovery support is also provided for the IBM System i, HP-UX and IBM AIX.
  • Double-blind encryption, whose keys are known only to the customer, is attractive to banks, hospitals and government entities, especially when coupled with accreditations, such as ITAR, FISMA, HIPAA, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1, the Criminal Justice Information Security (CJIS) Policy and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
  • Infrascale received high satisfaction scores from its reference customers for service quality, quality of technical support, timeliness of provider support response and service problem resolution, and secure operations.


  • Opportunities for improvement, as provided by Infrascale’s reference customers, include the effectiveness of its service management portal and account management quality.
  • Currently, Infrascale does not support configurations that contain hundreds of in-scope servers.
  • Support for storage controller, SAN-to-SAN or logical unit number (LUN)-based replication is not provided for those customers who have such a requirement.
  • Infrascale’s geographic spread for its size could introduce delivery capability risks for clients in Asia/Pacific or Latin America, should the current growth trajectory continue.

ChannelE2E says: Infrascale positions itself as a partner-first company. Find partner program information here.

3. NTT Communications

Known for its global presence and reach, NTT’s strengths and cautions include, according to Gartner…


  • NTT Com’s DRaaS portal is highly functional and easy to use.
  • NTT Com’s DRaaS service supports virtual and physical servers in multiple geographies, which facilitates global support for hybrid configurations.
    NTT Com’s customers are entitled to unlimited failover and recovery testing at no additional cost.
  • Reference customers ranked NTT Com’s service highly for secure operations, quality of professional services, account management and the utility of the provider’s service portal.


  • POC pilots are supported by NTT Com as the initial phase of production implementation.
  • Because customer RTOs and RPOs are customizable in the DRaaS portal, it is the responsibility of NTT Com’s customers to monitor their service-level compliance.
  • Reference customers cited the need for improvement in both the flexibility of NTT Com’s service contracts, as well as in the initial service onboarding process.
  • Customers must request missed monthly service-level credits.

ChannelE2E says: We’re not sure if NTT Communications offers a channel program for its DRaaS platform, but you can find information about the offering here.

4. Unitrends


  • Unitrends owns its cloud infrastructure and VM replication technology and therefore isn’t reliant on third parties for innovation.
  • Customers can also add Unitrends’ ReliableDR as a recovery assurance mechanism to automate the testing of their DR environment in the cloud to guarantee recovery.
  • Guaranteed one-hour RTO service levels are supported.
  • Unitrends received a number of high customer reference scores, including for secure operations, service quality, effectiveness of service onboarding process, service cost- effectiveness and quality of professional services.


  • Service delivery is geographically focused in the U.S. market. The Unitrends Cloud business only recently expanded beyond the U.S., with the launch of data centers in Canada, Germany, the U.K. and Australia. As such, the majority of Unitrends’ DRaaS production instances are in the U.S., and all documentation and software interfaces are currently only in English.
  • In comparison with other providers in this Magic Quadrant, Unitrends’ experience with directly managing disaster declarations and operations failbacks was much more limited.
  • Operations of additional hardware (for example, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, intrusion detection systems and tunnel terminators) that are required to support recovery exercising or post-declaration recovery operations must be managed by the service customer.
  • Unitrends Recovery Assurance, a service feature that provides automated testing of recovery from backups, archives and replication, is incrementally priced at $50 per supported VM.

ChannelE2E says: Find Unitrends partner program information here.

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