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Microsoft Buys Softomotive: RPA Wakeup Call for MSPs, Channel Partners

Microsoft buys Softomotive for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Vows to ensure all partners can “create bots to automate manual business processes.”

Atos Acquires AI and Data Science Consultancy Miner & Kasch

French IT consulting giant Atos acquires Miner & Kasch, an artificial intelligence (AI) and data science technology consulting firm from Elkridge, Maryland.

Artificial Intelligence Policies: IBM, Microsoft and the Pope to Partner

Should artificial intelligence be regulated? Here are AI viewpoints & policy proposals from Apple, Elon Musk, Gartner, Google, IBM, Microsoft, the Pope, the United States, European Union & more.

How to Scale Chatbots Beyond Pilot Deployments

Most businesses struggle to scale chatbots past proofs of concept and pilot deployments, and fail to realize reduced contacts & optimized costs. Here’s why.

ServiceNow Acquires Passage AI for Chatbot, Virtual Agent Automation Initiatives

ServiceNow is acquiring Passage AI, a conversational artificial intelligence company. ServicNow’s chatbot virtual agents to gain more automation, multi-language speech support.

IBM’s Five Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy Imperatives

IBM outlines five artificial intelligence (AI) policy imperatives for companies, whether they are providers or owners of AI systems.

MSP Automation, AI Chatbots and Service Desks: Triafy Arrives

To boost profit margins, MSPs must become more operationally efficient. Triafy President Gerwai Todd wants to help. He’s armed with AI chatbot technology. Here’s what’s next.

Ingram Micro Cloud Contest Rewards Channel-Friendly ISVs

Ingram Micro Cloud contest seeks to empower ISVs (independent software vendors) for channel partner engagements. The race is on to find MSP-friendly SaaS startups.

Artificial Intelligence And Ethics: AI Regulations to Come?

A European commission’s develops an ethics guidelines list for trustworthy AI (artificial intelligence). Will government AI regulations emerge?

Intel Acquires Artificial Intelligence, ML Chip Specialist Habana Labs

Intel acquires Habana Labs, an artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) chipmaker in Israel. Intel seeks to profit from AI silicon market.